Key documents

Please find below the most essential papers and documents which are part of the basis for the programme development. 

Fact sheets

The first 20 fact sheets designed for the future programme are available.

See the fact sheets

Application forms

We recommend you start your application process by setting up an account in the new online monitoring system

Below are examples of the three application forms used in the programme. Please note that these examples may deviate slightly from the application forms in the Online Monitoring System.

Expression of Interest

Full Application

Small-scale project

Draft Programme

On 16 December 2021, we published a revised draft of the priorities, specific objectives and spotlight themes of the 2021-2027 Interreg North Sea programme. 

Draft priorities, specific objectives and spotlight themes

Orientation paper 

The orientation paper for the North Sea Region Programme was published by the European Commission in November 2019, setting out the Commission's visions for our future programme.

See the orientation paper

State of play report 

The report outlines the current state of play, including achievements made, experience gained and lessons learned from the current programme. The report was developed by the Joint Secretariat and published in February 2020.

Download the report

Scoping Study

The secretariat commissioned an independent scoping study including an analysis of relevant EU, national and regional policies and strategies. The study was carried out by Reeleaf and also synthesises and visualises regional socioeconomic and development data. 

Download the scoping study

Download scoping study annex

Results of public consultation

The public consultation was carried out between 10 July and 30 August 2020 and provided 391 responses including a wealth of ideas and suggestions for the new programme. The outcomes are compiled and summarised in a report.

Download the consultation report


Below are the key regulations governing the Interreg North Sea Programme 2021-2027:

Regulation on the European Regional Development Fund

Regulation on the Cohesion policy  

Interreg regulation on Interreg