Research to reduce flood risk Reimerswaal

Due to its low location, the municipality of Reimerswaal has been designated as a vulnerable area for floods. As Reimerswaal is an important infrastructure link (roads, railway line, electricity, gas, water) flooding of this area will have major consequences for the inhabitants of Reimerswaal and the inhabitants of Zeeland west of the canal of Hansweert.

Within this FRAMES pilot the vulnerability of the Reimerswaal area and the consequences of flooding for the critical infrastructure were examined. The conclusion of the study is that flood resilience can only be improved by spatial solutions such as protection of the transformers against flooding by building a local barrier of 4.0 m in height and compartmentalisation for the highway A58 and other networks.

Final Report Pilot Reimerswaal

In the FRAMES Wiki you can find more elaborate information and results of this pilot.