Lustrum Beck

The Lustrum Beck pilot area is addressing issues of flooding in Stockton on Tees through collaboration of multiple stakeholders and techniques. Following completion of work by the Environment Agency to address a pinch point in the beck channel in 2016, this next phase of works will reduce the risk of flooding and pressure on engineered defences by working at a catchment scale and increase resilience of the community to flooding. It will also increase the area of water dependent habitat in the catchment by 30ha.

The Tees Rivers Trust is working with farmers and landowners to identify opportunities for natural flood management measures that may also have a capital benefit to operations. The Trust are also working with the Forestry Commission, Newcastle University, Stockton Borough Council, The Environment Agency and exploring opportunities with Northumbrian Water to further implement and capture benefits of their Rainwise community SUDS project in the urban sections of the catchment. The local flood levy has funded an Environment Agency Community Flood Officer who will be working with communities at risk of flooding.

In the FRAMES Wiki you can find more elaborate information and results of this pilot.