Geraardsbergen (BE)

The Belgium pilot Geraardsbergen is located southwest of Ninove in the upper stream of the Dender. The Province of East-Flanders focuses on the most upstream zone of the Dender in a sub-municipality called Moerbeke-Viane.

At the start of the project, the Province of East Flanders and the UGhent developed a participation strategy including a stakeholder analysis whom they wanted to reach, and how to involve them. There were three target groups: flood-prone citizens (1), wider community (2) and local governments (3). 

  • Flood prone citizens: Flood prone citizens were not explicitly contacted in the Geraardsbergen pilot.
  • Wider community: Local citizens in floodable areas were contacted a first time at a market to get input about their viewpoint on the possible future development of the area.
  • Local authorities: The municipality of Geraardsbergen was contacted in September 2018 and showed great interest in participating in a research-by-design project.

Specific outcomes
- a Vision and Action Plan (in Dutch only) with specific spatial adaptation measures for Moerbeke-Viane (Geraardsbergen) has been developed

- Process result: public actors and citizens were engaged into a participatory process.

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