Poster exhibition with results of a survey on climate change

27 September 2018 - Published by Edward Sterenborg
On 4th of September, 2018, the German FRAMES team from Jade University (Dr. Helge Bormann, Jenny Kebschull) and Küste & Raum (Dr. Frank Ahlhorn) published the main results of a survey on the knowledge on climate change impacts, on the risk awareness and on the willingness to act of the citizens of the municipality of Butjadingen (Germany).

The survey was carried out from March to May 2018 in the municipality which is part of the German FRAMES pilot region Wesermarsch.

Around 40 citizens visited the poster exhibition in the townhall of Burhave and contributed to a lively debate with regional representatives of organisations dealing with flood risk management and emergency management.

The main outcomes of the survey are:

  • The citizens of the municipality are aware of the risk of coastal flooding and heavy rainfall events; they rated these topics to be even more important than environmental pollution, poverty and epidemics;  
  • The citizens are aware that climate change will bring new challenges for coastal protection and flood risk management; these challenges justify large investments in the future;
  • However, the responsibility for being prepared and for the management of such events is seen to be mainly with public authorities; only parts of the population are aware that every individual citizen has to contribute to his/her own safety, e.g., by being informed, and by taking individual action;
  • Young people in particular pay less attention to the flood problem; but this does not seem to be due to a lack in interest, but due to wrong information channels being used so far for making information accessible; identifying and implementing adequate information channels seems to be one major challenge for the near future to compensate for such deficiency.  

Based on these outcomes, the FRAMES team already has initiated several actions, assisted by the regional forum of the Wesermarsch (as reported before). Supported by the regional organisations and stakeholders, as one example, the German FRAMES team will organize a “flood risk management day” in early 2019 to inform the public of the Wesermarsch about existing activities and networks and to raise awareness for the flood issue.

For more information see press articles from Nordwest Zeitung and Kreiszeitung Wesermarsch (in German)