FRAMES meets Priority 3 projects at NSR Conference Göttingen

19 July 2018 - Published by Kraftvaerk
A delegation of the Lead Beneficiary team of the Province of South Holland attended the NSR Conference in Göttingen, 28-30 June. During the conference five NSR projects related to climate change and water resilience – Building with Nature, FAIR, TOPSOIL, BEGIN and FRAMES - pitched their individual assignment during a workshop.

JTS emphasised that the NSR progamme is currently the only Interreg programme where climate change is one of the priorities. The Lead Beneficiaries of the five projects will take the initiative to think about climate change issues as input for the next programme period and will share more experiences on managing the current projects.

FRAMES partners are encouraged to share their information with their own stakeholder network and with other Priority 3 projects. In this way everyone benefits from each other’s experiences, you can reach out for help when coping with similar questions and last but not least: it brings inspiring insights for the approach of climate change resiliency in a North Sea Region context.

See results of the complete programme: the North Sea Conference 2017.