Frames Days in Vejle

23 October 2018 - Published by Edward Sterenborg
From 2 until 5 October the Frames Days were organised by the Danish partner, the Danish Coast Authority (Kystdirektoratet). Three days of inspiration, sharing knowledge and catching up in Vejle. With a full and various programme it was both informative and fun.

Products delivered
The partner meeting started in the morning with an overview of the current situation: where does Frames stand in terms of process, products and accomplished deliverables. What needed attention was the proper use of the Interreg Operational Management System. For instance: it is very important to share áll the phases of the process towards completing a pilot project, instead of only reporting it when it is finished. The first concrete product is completed. The climate resistance of the electricity network in Zeeland is being investigated and has resulted in recommendations for operators of electric power transmissions lines and spatial planners to be used on a larger scale. You can find the report here. An overview of all workpackages completed the first Frames Day.

‘Fighting’ over measures in serious game
To gain insights in how the decision making within flood resilience related projects works, the second Frames Day we all participated in Deltares Serious Gaming; a tool for strategic planning, training for crisis situations and education. The game combines knowledge about environment and infrastructure and contains game rules that reflect the span of control of the stakeholders and a realistic visualisation of the area. Policy makers, water managers and other stakeholders ‘competed’ against each other in order to keep the fictitious city of ‘Tanui’ safe. We discovered that flood prevention and spatial planning (layer 1 and 2) were firmly represented. Whereas emergency response and resilient recovery (layer 3 and 4) not as much. The main lesson learned however was that compromising (or ‘fighting’) between all parties is the greatest challenge in flood resilience. Within the game ánd in real life.

Serious Gaming

No walk in the park
The last day in Denmark was all about the municipality of Vejle, a delta area with a lot of flooding challenges. The morning was spent in Vejle information centre where a scale model and a Virtual Reality Tour of the city could be experienced. Paul Landsfeldt, engineer told us all about Vejle, its history, present and future ánd the measures (yet to be) taken to prevent Vejle from flooding from both the sea side as well as the higher located rivers. To get a feeling what Vejle is all about we went for a three hour informative walk from the city centre to the docks and back; no ‘walk in the park’, but very interesting nonetheless. A shared lunch concluded the three Frames Days in Denmark.

Model of Vejle


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