FRAMES attends NSR Conference Göttingen

19 July 2018 - Published by Kraftvaerk
June 2017 - A delegation of the Lead Beneficiary team of the Province of South Holland will be attending the NSR Conference in Göttingen, 28-30 June. The theme of this years’ conference is Sustainabe Growth Corridors. The conference will explore how people, organisations, cities and regions in the North Sea Region can interconnect to create smarter regions and sustainable growth.

The NSR conference gives projects the opportunity to discuss topics that concern specific themes. FRAMES will be represented in one of the workshops on Thursday, 29 June. 5 NSR projects – BwN, FAIR, TOPSOIL, FRAMES, BEGIN - will pitch their individual assignment. The value of this session for the individual attendee lies in acquiring knowledge, networking and participating in other projects that are geographically widespread. Interacting in a multidisciplinary approach of climate change resiliency in a North Sea Region context.

The value of this session for NSR lies in the fact that for the first time these 5 projects ranging over the North Sea Region are interacting. Share and seek to combine their projects and approaches, thereby inspired and enriched by the attendees that look from a different NSR angle.