First regional forum on flood risk related emergency management held in the Wesermarsch pilot (Germany)

20 June 2018 - Published by Sander Linssen
On June 13th, the first regional forum on regional emergency management was held in Brake, Wesermarsch County (Germany). The German FRAMES partner Jade University of Applied Sciences organised the forum together with Küste & Raum, a regional planning consultancy.

24 experts from regional governmental organisations, NGOs, aid organisations, utility companies and regional knowledge institutes discussed current deficiencies and possible fields of action related to regional emergency management. In preparation for the regional forum, Jade University and Küste & Raum had conducted guided interviews with representatives of all participating organisations in order to collect ideas on challenges and possible solutions. Based on that overview, the participants prioritised in 3 different working groups current necessities as well as solution options, focusing on technical, organisational, and awareness raising issues.


Key results regional survey

Additionally, key results of a regional survey on knowledge about flood risk, risk perception, preferred information sources and willingness to act were presented. The survey was carried out by Jade University and Küste & Raum in April and May 2018 in the Butjadingen municipality. The discussion revealed that such information is essential for the development of a tailored communication strategy of the Wesermarsch County.


Further action

There was great interest in the discussed topics, which resulted in an ambitious plan for further action!  Different participants committed themselves to take the lead e. g. for the development of guidelines, the elaboration of tailored risk maps, the documentation of available technical systems and the organisation of a road show on flood protection in the Wesermarsch.  The FRAMES team is confident that the FRAMES project can advance regional emergency management in the Wesermarsch until end of FRAMES funding in early 2020.