Climate change adaptation in coastal regions

27 September 2018 - Published by Edward Sterenborg
On 14th of August, 2018, two FRAMES project members were invited as panelists at a panel discussion in Burhave, Germany, on the topic of climate change adaptation in coastal regions of North West Germany.
Dr. Helge Bormann (Jade University) and Dr. Frank Ahlhorn (Küste & Raum) were invited as experts for coastal hydrology, water management and coastal protection to discuss the challenges of climate change adaptation together with the state secretary of the ministry for the environment of Lower Saxony (Hannover), Frank Doods, a spatial planning expert from Oldenburg University (Jan Spiekermann), and two representatives of the water and dike boards of the Wesermarsch (Burchard Wulff, Dieter Hülstede) which is the German pilot region of FRAMES.
Main outcomes of the panel discussion were:
  • The experts agree that the expected impacts of climate change such as sea level rise will accelerate in the future, and that climate change adaptation is essential for a sustainable development of the NSR region;
  • Transnational exchange of experience is recommended to make use of the knowledge and expertise which is already available in the NSR region;
  • A modern water management requires both, revised technical as well as spatial planning and land use concepts for a successful climate change adaptation;
  • Joint strategies and joint action are required to accelerate regional, national and trans-national climate change adaptation processes in order to avoid friction losses; conflicts between water management and nature protection goals have to be avoided by joint approaches and solutions.

For details see press articles from Nordwest Zeitung and Kreiszeitung Wesermarsch (in German)