University of Groningen North West Germany



About the partner

The University of Groningen North West Germany (UGNWG) is founded for knowledge transfer/public private partnerships between the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG) and the NWG Hinterland. The UGNWG set up connections with the focal region Northern Emsland from which it will expand towards Lower Saxony. All relevant competences of the UG are available, staffing with the thematic experiences as well as generic SME support experience is available.

Role in FBD

The UGNWG engages SMEs in the hinterland (Emsland and Loxer Saxony), sets up programs and delivers services based on the tools co-developed within the project. The UGNWG links relevant organizational departments of its three knowledge institutes and engages as much of the hinterland in the wide region together with regional partners.