Tilburg University - Jheronimus Academy of Data Science



About the partner

The Tilburg University - Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) is a collaboration of two Dutch universities (Tilburg/TU Eindhoven). It brings together top academics to further the field of data science. JADS achieves this by leveraging the technological expertise of the TI/e with the socioeconomic-legal knowhow of TiU. JADS hosts start-ups/scale-ups/accelerators/corporate entrepreneurs. This ascertains cross-fertilization of knowledge and expertise that has been isolated, and creates synergies amongst academia, business and the government.

Role in FBD

JADS develops a model to train SMEs in data-driven business methods. Along with the HSKT hubs, this is one of the two main parts of the FBD project. The JADS data analytics and associated expertise is at a level and of a type not found amongst other partner regions, so the FBD partners are very keen to work with JADS to develop the data-driven business model by developing standards, manifests and accessible tools. JADS will also participate in the regional HSKT-hub of Antwerp-North Brabant.