atene KOM



About the partner

atene KOM, Agency for Communication, Organization and Management, is active throughout Europe and contributes with experience of working in EU-funded projects around topics of the agency. The focus is on supporting local authorities to improve their competitiveness and to strengthen the hinterlands. atene KOM has been active as German federal Broadband Bureau and the developer of different fairs with the target to facilitating (transnational) cooperation between business, academia and public sector.

Role in FBD

atene KOM leads on communication along with the Alexandersoninstitutet and is also active in the other work packages. atene KOM works with SMEs to identify what the demands are and what works for them, based on the county regions of Aurich, Leer, Emsland up to Oldenburg and Osterholz. atene KOM brings tools to innovation support agencies/networks and implements a HSKT hub in the described region. The agency combines the project experiences with different seminars and workshops, e.g. conferences to get in touch with the regional networks.