Anglia Ruskin University Higher Education Corporation



About the partner

The Anglia Ruskin University Higher Education Corporation (ARU) works with entrepreneurs/SMEs and supply chains of key actors in the regional economy of Eastern UK. Working closely with smaller SMEs and larger ones in established supply chains, ARU has credibility, access and the research-action tools to engage, record, disseminate and stimulate improvement for SMEs. ARU is a regional university with a presence across a large area of the Eastern UK and as such connects readily with the target groups of SMEs for the project.

Role in FBD

ARU leads the operations work package and is the UK benificiary to engage SMEs in connecting to the HSKT hubs. ARU leads on the workshops to share learning and build open innovation and shared platform. ARU plays an active role in all work packages and brings its own experiences, networks of SMEs, research and innovation tools to the project.