HSKT Hubs - Coming soon

Horizon-Scanning and Knowledge Transfer Hubs (HSKT Hubs) are at the heart of the FBD project. There will be one real HSKT Hub in each project region and one virtual hub as the central database for sourcing and storing knowledge.


The HSKT Hubs will:

  • Identify relevant data sources, acquire and build databases and the means to use data
  • Harvest (source, store and analyse) business knowledge including information about technology, economy, economic forecasting, policy and markets
  • Interpret these for SMEs and develop tools for SMEs to innovate, grow and increase productivity: How can an SME position itself to take advantage of such changes? How will such changes impact on markets, supply chains, business processes, investment?
  • Enable SMEs to make use of HSKT resources by taking them through a ‘data entrepreneurship journey’ developed by our partner the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science:

1. Data Jump Start: to assess capacity

2. Data Brain Wave: to create a plan to develop data capacities

3. Data Booster: to enable the plan to succeed

4. Data Player: to sustain data-driven capacity.

  • Keep flows of information continual and regularly updated
  • Apply analysis for general use
  • Develop a process for tailoring to specific SME needs.

In the first phase of our project, we have been:

  1. Finding existing open access data sources relevant to: technology, policy, economy, markets
  2. Understanding the world of SMEs so we can better develop the tools for HSKT hubs, provide the means to undertake general analyses of these data for all SMEs and provide the means to undertake specific analyses for specific SMEs
  3. Developing the means for SMEs to use the HSKT tools and their own sources of data.