Science-policy event in the Netherlands

22 June 2017 - Published by Eric Boessenkool
Last week FAIR partners attended a science policy event in the Netherlands. A meeting with a lot of inspiration and interesting discussions.


The two-day event started off in the Van Hall Larenstein in Velp, south east of Amsterdam, with a science policy debate on Flood Protection Asset Management.

- What we want to achieve, is to do more for less and then invest the money in a good way, says FAIR:s project leader Remco Schrijver.

Flood protection is a huge challenge. Flooding represents a major risk to life and the economies of countries along the North Sea coast.

In the project FAIR, Rijkswaterstaat has been given the role of Lead Partner and is working alongside ten knowledge institutes and flood defence asset managers from England, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.

- By choosing this mixed group of stakeholders we can ensure a perfect match between supply and demand.

The EU Interreg FAIR project - Flood defence infrastructure Asset management and Investment in Renovation, adaptation and maintenance - got three main ambition.

- We want to encourage multi functionality and extend the asset life. The four main questions that have to be answered are when, where, how and cost. The aim of FAIR is to develop methods, according to which a more balanced answer can be given to these questions.

The second day of the event, the group had a technical meeting in Lijnden. This included three blocks: Adaptive design, mainstreaming and action plan.