Learn more about sustainable asset management

06 March 2018 - Published by Eric Boessenkool
Flooding is a major risk for loss of life and economic damage in the North Sea region (NSR). The flood protection infrastructure such as dykes, sluices, dams, flood gates and pumping stations needs renovation, adaptation, and maintenance all across the NSR. FAIR develops instruments for long-term planning and adaptive design of these assets. Are you a flood protection asset owner or otherwise interested? Now you can find this knowledge on an online learning management platform to further develop your skills.

There are clear differences among different countries and their asset owners on how they approach flood infrastructure asset management. They also are currently in different maturity levels. And there is certain useful knowledge that has not yet penetrated asset owners. This calls for sharing knowledge and co-learning as an effective strategy to level the playing field.

Learning management platform
During the conference ‘Climate change adaptation in the North Sea region’ on March 8 FAIR launched the learning platform. From now on the new knowledge on sustainable asset management in the NSR will be available to flood protection asset owners and other interested and relevant parties. During the life cycle of the FAIR project new knowledge will be added. The learning management platform will contain intermediate research outcomes, e.g. methods and tools, and lessons learned. Simple “how to” descriptions will accompany the methods and tools. This will help asset owners to develop skills that are needed for successful asset management.

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