Coordination Group Meeting in Rye

Friday, March 31, 2017 - Published by Eric Boessenkool
Last week FAIR partners attended a Coordination Group Meeting in the medieval town of Rye, England. The workshop agenda provided space to discuss the necessary administrative activities and also to engage the different ideas and approaches across all members of the consortium.

The discussions included, asset management frameworks and the continued development of the “FAIR framework”.

The advantages and disadvantages of the different funding mechanisms for flood risk management, employed across the NSR and thebarriers and opportunities arising from the different governance arrangements. The group were also discussing, life cycle costing approaches. This included, a hands on exercise to explore how to optimize whole life investments and thesystem analysis approaches being adopted by the Asset Owners in the pilot sites. Also. how to ensure the best practical solutions.

The FAIR partners arranged speakers, who spoke about the Environment Agency’s vision to be a world leading asset management organisation. The challenges it faces and the advances it is making straight from the top. Dr Jim Barlow, (Deputy Director of Asset Management) provided a key note address to the FAIR consortium. Dean Smith, (local Environment Agency team leader), followed with a discussion on local coastal challenges.This was a presentation that paved the way, for the following day’s site visit to the coastal defence schemes.

 These included:

  • Broomhill Sands – an awarding winning scheme recently completed at a cost of £30m

  • Dungeness Power Station – located on a complex cuspate shingle foreland, a shingle bund is managed through an ongoing recycling operation to provide protection to the Power station

  • Jesson Pumping station – the low-lying marsh areas are drained to the sea, typically this is through gravity but pumps are also needed, including this twin set of Archimedean screws at Jesson

  • Littlestone beach (from early 2000), St Mary’s Bay wall (from 1995) and the Dymchurch scheme (from 2011) maintained excitement to through to the end of the site visit.


    Photos from meeting in Rye

    Videolink to Deans interview