University of Gävle researchers explore the advantages of the EksoVest

01 March 2021 - Published by Amy McCready
Researchers from EXSKALLERATE partner the University of Gävle have discovered that the EksoVest from Ekso Bionics can reduce muscle activity by up to 60%.

The upper-body exoskeleton was tested at the robotics lab of the University of Gävle, where three volunteers performed overhead drilling tasks with a 5 kg drill. The results showed that the workers' muscle activity was reduced by up to 60%, which could enhance the work life of the workforce. The research team hope the results of this study will help raise awareness among manufacturing SMEs of the advantages of adopting exoskeleton technology.

In the EU, up to 44 million workers are affected by workplace-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), representing a total annual cost of more than €240 billion. Exoskeleton use could alleviate muscle peak loads and reduce the risks of injury of workers.

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