National conference organisers visit Swedish exoskeleton research lab

16 January 2023 - Published by Amy McCready
The exoskeleton research lab on the University of Gävle, Sweden, hosted a visit by the organisers of the "Gilla Jobbet" conference. This is one of the largest conferences in Sweden, and it is hosted every second year.

The conference is sponsored by a Swedish national insurance company, AFA, and focuses on the issues related to the betterment of workers, labour market trends, employers, employees and unions. All participants have the opportunity to connect and share R&D in various work environment fields. The key topic is the working environment and how to develop healthier workplaces. The conference attracts between 2000-2500 participants, and consists of informative lectures and a few selected displays and testing booths.


A test of the exos in the lab

In September 2022, the managers of "Gilla Jobbet" contacted the EXSKALLERATE project team at the University of Gävle to learn more about exoskeletons. They tried the exoskeletons, part of the EXSKALLERATE project. According to the feedback, the visitors were inspired by the support provided by the exoskeletons, particularly Eksovest and BackX.

EXSKALLERATE to exhibit at the conference

Although the EXSKALLERATE project will finish in June 2023, the University of Gävle has received a fully sponsored participation opportunity. This consists of a designated area to present exoskeletons for thousands of Swedish SME workers and managers. It is anticipated that participation in this significant national event will deliver a significant impact and to accelerate the adoption of exoskeletons in the SMEs of Sweden.



The pictures are from the visit of the "Gilla Jobbert" conference event organisers at the exoskeletons research lab of the University of Gävle, Sweden.


Further Information

The Swedish page for the EXSKALLERATE project at the University of Gävle can be found here.

On the page, you will find contact details for researcher Sajid Rafique and project co-worker Sofi Jonsevall.