Exoskeletons: potential impact and barriers hindering adoption

The session will explore the potential impact of industrial exoskeletons, as well as the barriers that may hinder their adoption. Dr Michiel de Looze of TNO will explain how exoskeleton adoption could benefit your company and InnovationQuarter will introduce the EXSKALLERATE project, aiming to boost the adoption of this innovative technology across Europe with the help of SME collaboration.

Join us on Thursday 25th June at 3 pm (CET) as we co-host our first webinar with Bax & Company, TNO, InnovationQuarter and Construction Scotland Innovation Centre.

Worldwide efforts have led to a variety of exoskeleton devices aiming to support workers in heavy work (in construction, manufacturing, maintenance and more). These range from back-, arm-, hand- and leg-support exoskeletons, as well as from spring-based ones to sensorized and actuated ones.

Some are finding their way into practice. But exoskeletons are not yet used on a wide scale. Why is that? What are the barriers to overcome this?

In this webinar, Dr Michiel de Looze of TNO will explore state-of-the-art industrial exoskeletons and address their potential power to reduce workload. He will also discuss the barriers that may stand in the way of their acceptance, including aspects like usability, discomfort, and costs, based on practical examples.

Following his presentation, InnovationQuarter will introduce the new EXSKALLERATE project, which aims to increase the adoption of exoskeletons by the manufacturing and building industry. This will reduce occupational health issues and enhance SME competitiveness in the North Sea Region while creating a worldwide leading exoskeleton ecosystem.

Join the webinar to learn more about exoskeletons and if this technology could transform your company for the better.

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