EXSKALLERATE wins award at the North Sea Video Contest

13 June 2022 - Published by Amy McCready

At the North Sea Conference in Bruges on May 24th, Anton Duisterwinkel of InnovationQuarter picked up EXSKALLERATE’s award for the best video in the Explainer category of the North Sea Video Contest. The winning video shows the main motivation behind the EXSKALLERATE initiative: improving next-generation passive exoskeletons for manufacturing and construction tasks to prevent fatigue and discomfort, enhance the quality of working life, and increase SME competitiveness.

Every day across Europe, construction and industrial manufacturing workers take on physically strenuous tasks that put them at risk of developing serious musculoskeletal disorders.

44 million workers in the European Union are affected by workplace-related disorders, costing the economy more than 240 billion euros each year.

These health risks make construction and manufacturing work far less attractive, resulting in unfilled job openings which hinder growth and competitiveness for many companies.

However, exoskeletons have the potential to prevent fatigue and discomfort, enhance the quality of working life, and reduce company costs in the long run.

EXSKALLERATE’s winning video was produced by Amy McCready of Bax Company, an innovation consultancy that supports the execution of the project. The project partners congratulate Amy on the success and thank Interreg NSR for their constant support, as well as the opportunity to participate in the contest.

If you work in construction or industry, you too can benefit from exoskeletons. Keep an eye on our Events section for local (or online) workshops you can participate in, or contact exskallerate@baxcompany.com