EXSKALLERATE partners enjoy final project events

12 December 2023 - Published by Amy McCready

Thursday 22nd June 2023 - EXSKALLERATE Internal Final Event


First, EXSKALLERATE partners gathered online on 22nd June 2023 for the EXSKALLERATE internal final event.

This event allowed partners to share reflections, learnings and experiences from the project, while finalising outstanding activities before the project conclusion. It was also an opportunity for partners to gather again and enjoy each other´s company, albeit in an online setting.

The event began with a word of welcome from the lead partner InnovationQuarter, represented by Anton Duisterwinkel.

Then, partners participated in a quiz, incorporating reflections on the project and how it developed. The quiz also took time to focus on the future, with partners acknowledging the importance of continued collaboration in European exoskeleton innovation.

A more formal feedback round followed this, with each partner encouraged to prepare some conclusions on the project in advance and given the opportunity to reflect in an open forum. Partners discussed what worked well throughout the collaboration, and what didn't work as well, while sharing some highlights from the project duration.


EXSKALLERATE partners during the internal final event.


After a coffee break, discussions turned to the pilot sites, with partners reflecting on the execution process of the pilot sites and sharing best practices as well as lessons learned.

Following the discussion and reflective sections of the event, attention turned to the final admin steps to be completed before the project's closure. To ensure the project was finalised properly, partners were taken through the outstanding steps and given a timeline for completion.

Before the internal final event was wrapped up, partners were reminded of the external final event. planned for the following week in the form of an open and interactive public webinar. Partners were encouraged to attend and share details with their networks and contacts.

With that, the internal EXSKALLERATE final event officially finished! The project would not have been possible without the close collaboration and commitment of partners, and credit is due to all involved. The future of exoskeleton research in the North Sea region will benefit from the partnerships formed, research carried out and activities completed during the project. THANK YOU!



Thursday 29th June 2023 - EXSKALLERATE External Final Event


The second part of the EXSKALLERATE final event took place a week later in the form of an open webinar, focusing on the future of exoskeleton innovation beyond the project.

The aim of the event was to attract stakeholders of exoskeleton innovation to attend and participate in an insightful webinar. Together as an ecosystem, we discussed future opportunities, possibilities and requirements to ensure the momentum gained during EXSKALLERATE is continued.

Following an introduction and some background information about the project, guest experts gave presentations on a range of topics directly influencing the continued adoption of exoskeletons in Europe.

These insightful presentations led to an open panel discussion, informed by themes raised during the event. Attendees were invited to share experiences and thoughts and discuss the key drivers and blockers to continued exoskeleton innovation with the guest speakers.

The event was a great success, widely attended by exoskeleton enthusiasts from across Europe and as far as the United States, the themes raised during the presentations provoked some fascinating conversations during the panel discussion.

A special thanks must go to the guest experts:

  • Anton Duisterwinkel (InnovationQuarter)
  • Laszlo Bax (Bax & Company)
  • Michiel de Looze (TNO)
  • Dr Xiu T Yan (University of Strathclyde)
  • Dr Joost Geeroms (VUB)

And all attendees for their enthusiasm and participation.


Attendees and guest speakers during the EXSKALLERATE final event panel discussion.


One recurring theme raised during both final events was the desire to continue the collaborations fostered during the project duration. EXSKALLERATE will continue to monitor opportunities for future collaboration, while interested individuals can raise topics and instigate discussions by visiting the EXSKALLERATE Open Innovation Platform.

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