EXSKALLERATE featured on German national TV!

05 April 2023 - Published by Amy McCready

Recently, EXSKALLERATE's German partners from HAWK University Göttingen and Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH were visited at the movement laboratory at the Göttingen Health Campus by a television crew from ZDF, the second public service television station in Germany, and the largest in Europe.

Accompanying the team to an assignment at Pulverbeschichtung Schreiner, the TV crew focused on topics including employer attractiveness, employee health and injury prevention, raising employee awareness of the need for technologies such as exoskeletons, and the basic functionality and research results of HAWK. The team also discussed the structural differences between SME and large company workplaces, as well as common challenges found at SMEs.

Prof. Dr Christoph Rußmann and Dr. Holger Hoffmann were happy to give interviews providing an update on the current status of the project, while Laurent Matthies demonstrated the benefits of exoskeletons for repetitive activities in the movement lab at the Health Campus in Göttingen.

The report shows a detailed overview of the work carried out within the EXSKALLERATE project. Workplaces that appear to be suitable for exoskeleton adoption are analysed, and the frequent activities simulated in the lab in order to determine the potential health benefits of using this technology. The analysis is then carried out on-site using the exoskeleton in everyday workplace scenarios.

Sebastian Tischler (Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH) provided the reporting team with additional information on employer attractiveness, company occupational healthcare and the shortage of skilled workers.

Taking advantage of ZDF’s large and relevant viewership, the team focused on providing meaningful and authentic messages, highlighting the participation of each organisation in the EXSKALLERATE project. The report provided a great opportunity to reach more companies, while informing German citizens of the topic and scope of exoskeletons.

Reflecting on the experience and looking ahead to the remainder of the EXSKALLERATE project, Sebastian Tischler commented: “Such TV reports or exploratory videos clearly show what is being done in the project and how exoskeletons work. This helps SMEs to better understand what we are doing, and hopefully helps us to find more pilot sites participants for the remaining months of the project.”

View some behind the scenes footage below!