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Exobition and Talk: workshop identifies challenges of exoskeleton implementation

19 July 2021

A recap of TNO's recent Exobition and Talk, a workshop where SMEs, exoskeleton developers, and scientists came together to identify and address the barriers that stand in the way of companies adopting…

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Are exoskeletons right for my company? TNO’s new online tool will help you decide

30 April 2021

EXSKALLERATE partner TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) has developed a free and easy-to-use online tool that will help you decide if exoskeletons are a good fit for your c…

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Report envisions exoskeletons as impactful part of construction’s future

12 April 2021

Exoskeleton use is ripe for growth - in 5-10 years, they may become a normal sight on construction sites, according to a newly published report.

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University of Gävle researchers explore the advantages of the EksoVest

01 March 2021

Researchers from EXSKALLERATE partner the University of Gävle have discovered that the EksoVest from Ekso Bionics can reduce muscle activity by up to 60%.

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Can an exoskeleton really help me? Five lessons you need to know

17 February 2021

By Michiel de Looze and Frank Krause (TNO)

Let’s say you’re running a small company in the manufacturing or construction industries. Perhaps your employees are exposed to heavy work: day-afte…

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BioRob 2020 Workshop: Occupational exoskeletons: advances in design, standards, evaluation, and market adoption

09 October 2020

Part of IEEE BioRob 2020, the “Occupational exoskeletons: advances in design, standards, evaluation, and market adoption” workshop will take place virtually on November 29th, 2020.

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Join our free webinar on the potential impact of exoskeletons

02 October 2020

The session will explore the potential impact of industrial exoskeletons, as well as the barriers that may hinder their adoption. Dr Michiel de Looze of TNO will explain how exoskeleton adoption could…

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EXSKALLERATE holds virtual kick-off meeting amid COVID-19 crisis

21 April 2020

The EXSKALLERATE consortium hosted a virtual partner meeting at the beginning of April to mark the official launch of the project. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions in Europe, the partners met vir…

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