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InnovationQuarter is the project coordinator of the EXSKALLERATE project. As the regional development agency for Zuid-Holland, InnovationQuarter has remarkable experience in business development, with an important focus in new technologies, innovative markets and health. This includes being the initiator partner alongside TNO of 'RoboHouse', a robotic manufacturing field lab in Delft. InnovationQuarter is also running the SMITZH programme with TNO on the adoption of smart manufacturing technologies, including exoskeletons.

Main contact: Anton Duisterwinkel


TNO Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research

The TNO team involved in EXSKALLERATE is well-known for their expertise on industrial exoskeletons. They combine knowledge on business performance, human factors/ergonomics and biomechanics in order to address worker & company requirements and give input to exoskeleton design, and evaluate the effects on worker and industrial performance in both lab & field. They perform their studies in the field and in their RoboHouse lab and are involved in the testing of several industrial exoskeletons.

Main contact: Michiel de Looze / Saskia Baltrusch 


University of Twente

Founded in 1961, the University of Twente is an entrepreneurial research university which has 3,200 scientists and professionals that conduct pioneering research and offer relevant, innovative and inspiring education to 10,000 students. The UT’s team participating in EXSKALLERATE is the Department of Biochemical Engineering, which has world-leading expertise in ergonomics, design of wearable mechatronic devices and systems for supporting and training the human motor system. They are active in the development of wearable exoskeletons and exosuits for healthcare applications and to prevent injuries for workers. 

Main contact: Martijn Wessels


VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

VUB’s 'Robotics and Multibody Mechanisms' (R&MM) research group has more than 20 years of experience developing compliant actuation for safety, energy efficiency & adaptability with a.o. applications in bionic prostheses, rehabilitation robotics, collaborative robots, soft robots and exoskeletons. They have been developing and evaluating novel exoskeletons for both rehabilitation as industrial aims for more than a decade. R&MM is part of and Flanders Make.

Main contact: Tom Verstraten


KUL (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

The two research groups from KUL involved in EXSKALLERATE are The Robotics Research Group, which covers all aspects of sensor-based robotics and applied research in a variety of industrial applications, and the Human Movement Biomechanics Research Group, investigating the mechanics of musculoskeletal function during gross motor functions, explicitly focusing on movement and tissue adaptation for health and wearable robotic devices. KU Leuven will participate in developing benchmarking tools and propose design improvement, two of the main characteristics required to improve exoskeletons and their benefits for industry and society. This will be a key benefit for NSR's growing exoskeleton ecosystem.

Main contact: Maarten Afschrift


POM - West Flanders

The West Flanders Development Agency (POM) stimulates economic development by facilitating cooperation between companies, centres of innovation & research, training organisations and local governments. Through its industrial cluster policy, POM initiates and facilitates innovative projects supporting industrial SMEs in their transformation process towards the industry 4.0. Human capital is one of the key elements in the transformation process. POM facilitates cooperation and knowledge exchange between the knowledge partners of the project, companies/SMEs (adopters and end-users) and exoskeleton experts and solution providers. 

Main contact: Heidi Hanssens


MoWiN - Regionalmanagement Nordhessen

RMNH is a horizontal business support organisation that manages, the mobility cluster network with relevant SMEs and stakeholders in the south of Lower Saxony and Northern Hesse. is home to 125 members, from multiple SMEs to larger original equipment manufacturers like Volkswagen, R&D institutes, and universities that are involved in lower Saxony and Nordhessen where RMNH operates. With its network of mobility companies (including multiple relevant SMEs), explores the benefits of exoskeletons for manufacturing and construction SMEs, as well as create new transnational business opportunities for these organisations. 

Main contact: Sebastian Tischler


HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Thanks to its strong regional embeddedness and broad study profile (e.g. study programmes in engineering and health sciences), HAWK has become an integral part of higher education in Southern Lower Saxony. HAWK is a highly active research institution with a strong record in attracting third-party funds and particular expertise in medical technology, engineering & health sciences. As a field lab host, HAWK contributes to the testing of exoskeleton devices for design improvement and benchmarking as well as in EXSKALLERATE's 'informative and networking workshops'. 

Main contact: Christoph Russmann 


Built Environment – Smarter Transformation (formerly Construction Scotland Innovation Centre)

Supported by Scottish Funding Council, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise and 14 Scottish university partners, Built Environment – Smarter Transformation (BE-ST), formerly Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, delivers a wide programme of activities which include facilitating and funding innovation projects, skills & knowledge development, collaborative & strategic partnerships, workshops & events, and prototyping & testing. As an Innovation Centre, they strive to achieve transformational change for health, safety and operative wellbeing within the built environment. BE-ST has a fully equipped Innovation Factory that offers a prototyping environment for industry to design, manufacture and test innovative products & services.

Main contact: Alan Johnston



University of Gävle

The University of Gävle has a fully equipped high-tech lab for simulation and testing of exoskeletons. The research work of the university has been published in renowned international journals and conferences. In recent years, quite a few versions of lower-body exoskeletons have been developed and tested. The University of Gävle participates in EXSKALLERATE with exoskeleton testing activities, specifically as a research partner specialist in the testing of lower-body and Upper body devices, for the benefit of the consortium. These exoskeletons will be tested in real environments on industrial end-users thanks to the different network connections available in the consortium. 
Main contact: Sajid Rafique


Aalborg University

Aalborg University (AAU) is a dynamic research institution with an active commitment to international cooperation, being very active in human-oriented robotics. AAU has managed upper-limb exoskeleton projects for assistance purposes (Axo-suit, Exo-Aider, Exotic). AAU’s team participating in the EXSKALLERATE project is from the Department of Materials and Production. They will test exoskeletons to improve their ergonomics and design, as well as facilitate benchmarking guidelines transnationally alongside other project partners. To set up pilot sites in Denmark, AAU will rely on the industrial network facilitated by CITA and externally by RoboCluster, Denmark.

Main contact: Shaoping Bai


Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (KADK)

CITA explores the intersections between architecture and digital tech. CITA tackles questions of Digital Fabrication and Construction within basic and industrial research projects. Their focus is on digital workflows connecting design, simulation, fabrication and assembly processes for the building industry. CITA will test exoskeleton devices with a focus on construction for design improvement and towards exoskeleton standardisation. In addition, CITA will connect with industry to test devices in real environments and perform awareness-raising activities. 

Main contact: Martin Tamke


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