Project development

At this stage, the project idea will be developed further into an expression of interest.

To facilitate this process, please read our introduction to the four programme priorities and the relevant sections of our Cooperation Programme.

You may also find it useful to consult your national contact point.



Indicators: Deliverables, outputs, results

Project partnership

Fact sheets
Fact sheet 1: General rules on eligibility
Fact sheet 5: Contracting external experts and services
Fact sheet 7: Preparation costs (updated 10 June) (version 2)
Fact sheet 8: Shared costs (joint costs) (updated 10 June 2015) (version 3)
Fact sheet 11: Tender procedures (version 3)
Fact sheet 13: Roles and responsibilities in project partnerships (version 3)
Fact sheet 15: Private sector beneficiaries
Fact sheet 16. State aid (version 4)
Fact sheet 18: Beneficiaries and activities outside the programme area (version 2)
Fact sheet 23: Indicators (version 2)
Fact sheet 25: Publicity requirements (version 3)