Once the project activities have been completed, the project has to undergo a formal closing procedure before the final payment is made by the secretariat.



Project closure

Fact sheets
Fact sheet 1: General rules on eligibility
Fact sheet 2: Staff costs (version 3)
Fact sheet 2a: Staff costs – Flanders (version 5)
Fact sheet 2b: Staff costs - Netherlands (version 4)
Fact sheet 3: Office and administration (including ‘overheads’)
Fact sheet 4: Travel and accommodation
Fact sheet 5: Contracting external experts and services
Fact sheet 6: Equipment and infrastructure (version 3)
Fact sheet 8: Shared costs (joint costs) (updated 10 June 2015) (version 3)
Fact sheet 9: Deducting revenue from payment claims
Fact sheet 10: Exchange rate
Fact sheet 12: Documentation and the audit trail (version 2)
Fact sheet 16: State aid (version 4)
Fact sheet 17: State aid for final recipients (version 4)
Fact sheet 21: Final reporting 
Fact sheet 22: Reporting (version 3)
Fact sheet 24: First Level Control (version 3)
Fact sheet 27: Intellectual Property Rights and ownership of project investments