Project life cycle

When implementing a project there are lots of issues to address and the need for information changes depending on which phase of the project implementation you are in. The programme manual includes links to all information necessary for delivering a project. In addition to this, the project life cycle tool provides information which is directly targeted at the specific phases in the project life cycle. The underlying idea is that whilst the Lead Beneficiaries must ensure that they have an overview of the entire project life cycle and the main requirements from the start, most other project staff will be able to focus on a more limited part of the content depending on the stage their project has reached. The main phases of project implementation are:

• Project ideas and project development
• Project idea proposals
• Expression of interest
• The full application
• Implementation and reporting (including control and audit)
• Project closure and evaluation
• Requirements after project closure

The project life cycle shows all beneficiaries and controllers what they should be aware of at each stage and which documents they need to consult.