Project webspaces

Q: What is a project webspace and how do I use it?

A: A project webspace is a project website, which is connected to the programme website and online monitoring system. The connectivity ensures maximum visibility for projects and that all project information is saved after a project closes.

All approved projects receive a project webspace. Online introductions are available upon request.


Q: Which functionality is available for project webspaces?

A: Our project webspaces are built with the content management system Umbraco and has all the basic functionalities of a normal website. See our test project webspace and North Sea Conference site for inspiration. Both have been created using project webspace technology.


Q: Do project webspaces include internal document handling or project management tools?

A: No, project webspaces are websites used to communicate with external audiences. We suggest you use free online tools, such as Basecamp or Yammer, for your internal communication and document sharing.


Q: Can I budget for development of a website in my application?

A: Using your project webspace is mandatory and we highly recommend you use it as your main project website. You may however budget for web development in your application if your project has a specific need for it.


Q: Do project webspaces have functionality to manage registrations for events?

A: Event registration is not currently part of project webspace functionality, but is likely to be so in the future. Until it is, we suggest you use one of the many free online tools available, such as for example Survey Monkey.