Project extensions

Q: What is a Project Extension?

A: A project extension refers to the addition of activities and/or partners that require additional funding. Such additional activities comprise, for example, pilots or demonstrations that complement the existing framework of the project with additional ideas and often extended project geography. Extensions can also be about additional activities, e.g. conferences, training, or deliverables.

Extensions should be in line with the existing project. This means that including additional partners and/or activities should be balanced and understood as add-ons and not as an entirely new application. An extension should, therefore, provide an additional budget that enables the partnership to carry out additional activities and/or add partners that complement the existing project and add value to it. Partnerships that wish to submit an extension should also revise their project results to reflect the additional activities and time they are requesting for implementation. It is important to note that extensions can only be considered if sufficient funding is available, and that once a priority is fully allocated, extensions for projects in that priority will not be possible.

Implementation of extensions

Extensions will be handled as changes via the changes module in the Online Monitoring System, rather than as applications. They can be submitted at any point up to the deadline of any call for applications (for either Expressions of Interest or Full Applications), and will be assessed by the Joint Secretariat and decided on at the subsequent Steering Committee meeting. Call 7 is the first call in which an extension for approved projects may be submitted.

Please speak with your project advisor if you are interested in submitting a project extension in Call 7 or 8 or a later call.