Indicators: Deliverables, outputs, results

Q: How do we know if the outputs developed by the project will be adopted by organisations outside the partnership?

A: Make sure that the project continues for a while after the completion of piloting, analysis, research activities etc. and use this time to disseminate project outputs to relevant stakeholders. Feedback from these contacts should allow you to make a sensible estimate of how project outputs are being used.


Q: What do our project result indicators have to measure?

A: The results should give a quantitative target for the benefit delivered by the project. A toolkit etc. is not a result: The result is the benefit that users of the toolkit will have compared to the way they have worked in the past.

Your result should cover the benefit for organisations/pilot sites that have been involved in the project. The programme will evaluate the benefit for the wider North Sea Region by looking at how successful your project has been in communicating new methods outside the partnership.