Call 11: June-October 2019

Call 11 is open to full applications. 

The Online Monitoring System is open for preparing and submitting applications 28 June - 11 October 2019. 

The deadline for submission is 11 October at 23:59 CET. 

Note: You are required to submit your application through the Online Monitoring System. Full applications must either be based on expressions of interest approved by our Steering Committee in one of the two previous calls for expressions of interest, or on previously rejected full applications.

The approval process

Our Steering Committee will take final decisions on full applications during their meeting in the autumn of 2019. Subsequently, applicants will be informed of the decision. If the Steering Committee approves your application, the project will receive a contract and can start working.

Guidance for Call 11

We strongly recommend you to explore the resources below when working on your full application. Please note that we are continuously updating our guidance materials, so please use the links below to ensure you are reviewing the latest versions. 

Background information
Cooperation Programme and Citizen Summary
Project life cycle
Submitted project ideas
Results in 2014 - 2020
Overview of approved projects

Guidance material
Guidance note for call 11  
About the online monitoring system (including tutorials)

Application Form 
For information only - you are required to complete the form directly in the online monitoring system
Application form: Full application