DUAL Ports completed successfully

Today environmental and climate issues are on top of the agenda all over the world. Seven years ago, this wasn’t the case, but a group of European ports acted and founded the project Dual Ports 50% co-financed by the North Sea Region Interreg Programme. The target was to develop and create a green and sustainable way of developing ports all over the EU and become a leader in the green transition within the Harbour sector in Europe. The key project activities and achievements were presented at a conference in Brussels, Thursday the 16th of June, 2022. The key results clearly support the set goals years ago.  We can make ports more sustainable and greener by reducing costs and carbon footprint. The overall results are impressing and a huge performance by all project partners,” said Jan Allaert, Port of Oostende, Lead Beneficiary of Dual Ports. More info here.

ShipZERO26.5 conference in Amsterdam on 20th June 2022

Zestas, a spin-off of DUAL Ports, has organised the conference "ShipZERO26.5". The event will bring together pre-eminent thought innovators for a roundtable discussion on collaboration for acceleration on the issues of:

  • Finance – How do we build profitable projects without regulation?
  • Maritime law – How can the legal community accelerate the transition by anticipating issues that may arise from new tech and new regulations?
  • Cargo – How can cargo owners initiate change?
  • Collaboration for Acceleration – How can we leverage our combined momentum across sectors?
  • Equipment and Technology – How can we work together to accelerate bringing innovation to market?

Discover the agenda here.

Join DUAL Ports partners at the project´s final event!

Floating solar, smart LED, integrated renewables-based systems, sustainable sedimentation and various other energy-efficient low carbon solutions implemented in EU port infrastructure and management practices will be presented at the free conference "DUAL Ports: sign of the times..." taking place in Brussels on 16th June. COME, COLLABORATE, NETWORK, SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE and, if you are a company, inform the participating ports about your smart technologies! We look forward to seeing you on the 16th June in Brussels (Venue: Representation of Lower Saxony to the European Union, Rue Montoyer 61, 1000 Bruxelles). See the eganda here.

 The Floating Solar pilot featured in the Business Focus Magazine

Bright times for HelioRec, GreenPipe and the Port of Oostende! The floating solar pilot implemented in the DUAL Ports project and its key characteristics were presented in the Business Focus Magazine. The floating panels are wind and wave-resistant. The patented “hydrolock” feature provides extra stability without the need to include more ballast, thus cutting costs for materials such as metal or concrete. The power plants also use machine learning to predict energy generation for more efficiency and O&M optimisation. On top of this, the floating system is formed from recycled plastic, furthering its sustainability credentials. considering further expansion, “We are looking to install more projects, around 10-50 kilowatts in size. We are also looking for more investors. In addition to this, we are looking at entering the US market”, said Polina Vasilenko, HelioRec´s CEO and founder. See the full article here. 

HelioRec won the Ocean Tribute Award provided by The Prince Albert II Foundation, Monaco and others

After testing its solar floating plat at the Port of Oostende together with GreenPipe within the scope of the DUAL Ports project, HelioRec was awarded the Ocean Tribute Award 2022 provided by THE PRINCE ALBERT II OF MONACO FOUNDATION (GB)German Ocean Foundation and Messe boot Düsseldorf. "And the winner is: HelioRec," Petros Michelidakis announces in the award ceremony film. And his fellow competitor Frank Schweikert explains why both the jury and the public voted for HelioRec from Nantes: "The French company scores with its environmentally friendly electric charging stations (ECS) for the maritime sector based on floating solar power plants. Unused water is converted into a clean energy source through a floating offshore solar cell system. The main objectives of the project are to save land area in a port area, generate a clean energy source, establish fast charging stations for electric vehicles and electric boats in the port, and realize new digital services for data prediction and optimization. Other concepts of the project are fast charging stations for electric vehicles and electric boats in the port. Another goal is the circular economy approach: recycled plastic is used to manufacture floating systems, reducing system costs and carbon footprint." More info here.

New 10kWp floating solar installed in the Port of Oostende!

On 14th January 2022 a new floating solar power plant was set up by Heliorec in the Port Oostende, Belgium in cooperation with Greenpipe International. The 10kWp (130 m2) floating solar project was built as a key part of the DUAL Ports EU-funded initiative. The system is designed for 44 m/s wind speed and 2 m waves. It already produces 50kWh of clean energy for the workshop where the old boat is being renovated.

Designed for 44 m/s wind speed and 2 m waves, the system includes:

  • HelioRec™ wind and wave-resistant floating solar technology with "Hydro-Lock" stability feature
  • 24 solar panels / 24 floaters and 40 footpaths based on circular economy approach
  • GreenPipe cable protectors Snap Hardlock™ and Snap Panzar


"HelioRec is proud to announce the completion of the new project. We installed the 10kWp floating solar plant on the 14th of January 2022 in the Oostende Port under the DualPorts EU program. Undertaking the project during the current challenging time has become successful thanks to the great support from all parties. It engaged 10 companies from 7 countries. The floating solar plant in Oostende port helps us to improve technology, step closer to commercialization, and contribute to building the clean and sustainable European ecosystem.", said Polina Vasilenko, Heliorec´s Founder and CEO.

More info in this document and at

Analysis and solutions for LNG in port areas

The pilot project LNG at the Port of Skagen is now ready to be presented with a feasibility study and two reports that assess the possibilities and potential solutions of establishing and running an LNG fuelling operation on the port area. Read more here.

A milestone for the Sail Cargo project

On the coast of the Port of Hundested in Denmark SV. Lo Entropy is feeling the sea for the first time in years after undergoing massive constructions and continuing to remodel her interior. Read more about the story directly from the captain and builder of Lo entropy, Geoff Boerne here.

Floating Solar power plant to be tested in Oostende

A 10kW floating solar power plant (24 panels) will be tested at the port of Oostende through a collaboration between Greenpipe, Heliorec and Haven Oostende within the DUAL Ports project, co-funded by ERDF via the the Interreg North Sea Region Programme. For more info: Greenpipe´s PR / Heliorec´s PR

What role do ports have to play in achieving the climate goals?

Read the article that Dörte Nitt-Driesselmann and Jan Wedemeier from the DUAL Ports partner Hamburgisches WeltWirtschafts Institut (HWWI) wrote about the challenge that nowadays have to tackle to meet the claimate goals set by the EU. Download the full article here

The DUAL Port partner OIC and its H2 work on Al Jazeera!

The DUAL Ports partner Orkney Islands Council (with Orkney College) has been featured in the Al Jazeera´s award-winning environmental show ‘Earthrise’, where the local innovative use of (green) hydrogen in transport is showcased. Well done, David HibbertMark Shiner, their teams and H2 related EU funded projects (DUAL Ports, HyDIME, HySeas III, BIG HIT, Surf´n´ Turf)! See the video here.

DUAL Ports sadly says goodbye to Laminaria and welcomes Greenpipe to the project!

Unfortunately the DUAL Ports partner Laminaria went under aministration and later declared bankruptcy. The project wishes its former staff all the best for the future! To replace the leaving partner, DUAL Ports welcomes Greenpipe of Sweden. More info on its new pilot soon to come. 

Another Plus for the Port Development in Niedersachsen

With their second and newly published Sustainability Report, the port company Niedersachsen Ports (NPorts) is presenting the social, environmental, and future-oriented developments in the ports. NPorts would like to invite you to a virtual and digital harbor tour. At various stations within the port, employees and customers are introducing sustainable projects. How do you manage to keep the ports navigable with the help of natural resources? What is being done to remove plastic from our ports? What is NPorts doing to make the arrival registration for ships more digital? These and other exciting questions are answered on our stroll through the port. The Sustainability Report will also give you an insight into the focuses of the sustainable activities, and on how the ports have developed in terms of goal parameters and objectives. And it is evident that: Sustainable, innovative projects do go hand-in-hand with a healthy business development. Find the full Sustainability Report hereGet a digital tour of the Sustainability Report

Orkney leading the way with a Hydrogen Seafarer Training

The very first cohort of seafarers to be trained to work on hydrogen powered vessels have been put through their paces on a new course in Orkney. Five crew members from Orkney Ferries’ MV Shapinsay completed the course, equipping them with the necessary skills to work onboard the ferry when hydrogen, a zero-emission fuel, is used in the vessel’s system. This follows on from an earlier course completed by the crew which focused solely on the handling of hydrogen as a cargo. The new course, believed to be the first of its kind in the world, was developed and delivered in Orkney by Orkney College UHI’s Maritime Studies department in collaboration with Orkney Ferries and the European Marine Energy Centre. Delivery of the course was supervised virtually by Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) assessors who have now recommended the course and content for official recognition. The world-leading course is the latest milestone in the HyDIME project – an Innovate UK funded project that will integrate hydrogen storage onboard the ferry operating between Shapinsay and Kirkwall, and trial hydrogen as a fuel in one of the vessel’s auxiliary engines. An additional foreseen course is to be co-funded by DUAL Ports. More info here.

Waving 2020 goodbye

Wim Stubbe, Lead Partner of DUAL Ports, says goodbye to 2020 on behalf of DUAL Ports. "2020 has been an inhuman year for entrepreneurs and artists. 2020 has been a dangerous year for fundamental human rights. Populists and politicians have been constantly looking for scapegoats, while they have walked their mink coats with the blessing of an invisible power. 2020 has been a champagne year for speculators, prophets of fake doom and managers. The worshipping of the Holy Umbrella and the instauration of a tsunami of paper procedures have been blossoming in the light of the drones that enlighten the empty streets of Europe. 2020 has been a tough year for transnational cooperation. The exchange of views and the in depth analyses have been replaced by the compressed video-platforms, whereby everyone could enjoy his/her 5 minutes of internet fame. Human interactions and open conversations were no longer an option. Socrates turns around in his grave, as well as Carl Jacobsen and his father Jacob Christian Jacobsen. The best ideas are still born on the bottom of a beer glass. 2020 has been a promising year for the energy transition. The European Commission has been constructing some of the foundations for greening our societies and industries. But presenting high ambitions is not enough. There will only be food on the table in the winter if the work at the fields can be done in the summer. The drive for innovation within our SME’s is very much present, but very fragile. And they need the financial and entrepreneurial support in order to pass the valley of death, as well as strong networks to test their products before entering their markets. The battle is not won. Networking has become a cyclocross track, where only bikes with one wheel are allowed. And the opposition from the global industries is fierce. 2020 has been a promising year for the recognition of the diversified role of the ports in the world of sustainability. Ports are no longer these fossil rocks, that have taken away a stretch of the beach, moving boxes from one side of Europe to the other side. Several policy documents of the European Commission underline the multifunctional role of the ports and the port communities today. Together with the shipowners and industrial partners, ports are not only organising the logistic operations, but they also play an active role in the energy transition. This can go from facilitating bunkering-operations for zero emission fuels, to the set-up of plants to produce these kind of fuels. Also in the fields of waste-treatment and circular economy, the ports play a prominent role. And finally, some ports take a leading role in the development of the blue industry. Let’s put the tasty food and wines of 2020 in our backpacks before taking the road to 2021. Let’s work on the restitution of our human rights and duties. And let’s work on the reconstruction of our networks with an open and entrepreneurial mindset. The roads in 2021 will be steep and promising. Wishing you all inspiring celebrations at the end of the year 2020 and a soft landing in 2021."

Offshore wave technology today and tomorrow

The Offshore Renewable Energy Policy recently announced by the European Commission promotes not only offshore wind (bottom-fixed and floating) but also other ocean energy technologies among which wave energy technologies are included. The motivation is that the European companies working with, particularly, wave energy technologies are currently the forefront and have a potential to contribute to the future renewable energy system by 2050. 40 GW of ocean energy will complement offshore wind by 2050. DUAL Ports is also working on this topic via the developers Laminaria and Seabased and Uppsala University. More inof here.

Cooperation between Dual Ports and InconE60 – today and in the future

On 9.12. 2020, the EU Commission has launched its new Mobility Strategy, entitled “Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy”, whereby zero-emmission ports and Short Sea shipping are 2 of the pillars. Also SME and regional ports play an important role in the implementation of this strategy. Considering this new EU strategy, the EU projects InconE60 and DUAL Ports have decided to work together, linking SME and regional ports in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Whereby Dual Ports is more focusing on the integration of innovative and sustainable zero-emissions solutions in port management, InconE60 is focusing on the promotion of Short Sea Shipping in order to reduce the CO2 level of logistics. Both ports of Oostende and Vordingborg are partner in these projects. More info here.

Sediment pilot: innovative removal of pollutants in sediment

Contaminated sediments are a major challenge for ports. In some parts of the port of Emden in Germany, the sediment is polluted with environmental pollutants. This prevents the use of water depth preservation measures and thus the long-term use of certain parts of the port. Therefore, the Sediment pilot within DUAL Ports is looking at an innovative and sustainable concept for the removal of pollutants in the sediment, in order to keep the port attractive to customers and maintain port operations there in the long term. Within this pilot, a pollutant cadastre was developed in 2020, which provided information on the local pollutants. For this purpose, 17 deep boreholes were carried out from which a total of 62 samples were taken and analysed (the project area is in the area of the shipyard sites, see picture). The pollutant register is the basis for the development of innovative approaches within DUAL Ports. The aim is to clean up the sediments as locally as possible and, if necessary, make them usable e.g. in port construction. Students from Leibniz University are also involved in developing approaches together. More info here.

The Sail Cargo testing pilot: Wind propelled cargo transport by Celtic Cruises 

The pilot project’s objective is to prove that wind propelled cargo transport via a modern specifically designed sailing cargo vessel, SV Lo Entropy, is cost effective and viable – and the future for achieving the goal with SV Lo Entropy is set. Celtic Cruises aims to transform the way that road transport cargo, short sea containerized and palletized cargo is moved cost effectively with a reliable, fossil fuel free. “We are changing the configuration of our cargo sailing vessel, SV Lo Entropy. The work will increase our hold capacity to enable the ship to carry 76 Euro pallets or approximately 50 tons equal to 2 of the largest capacity EU truck loads – 38 Euro pallets/24 tons per vehicle and more than the capacity of 3 forty foot containers). We have to set this goal as to fit into land transport’s, or road, and short sea transport’s supply and logistic’s chain, using a common transport unit size; the Euro pallet. This will allow not only for an efficient intermodal transport operation, but will be price competitive with these other transport modes besides being truly environmentally friendly and emissions free transport mode,” says Geoff Bourne. More info here.

Soil project: Further expansion at the Port of Vordingborg

A unanimous and visionary port council recommended the initiation of yet another port expansion, which has been approved by the local municipal council of Vordingborg. The tender business was commenced in autumn 2019 with an expected start of the actual construction work in 2021. Stage 4 of the port expansion is a land reclamation project that will expand the port area by approx. 200,000 m2. In addition, a quay facility of approx. 150 m will be built. Today Vordingborg Port has approx. 180,000 m2. The new project will result in more than a doubling of the existing land. Since the costs of establishing Stage 4 are covered through payment for receiving the soil, the port does not have to raise loans. The overall expansion is an extremely successful initiative co-funded, at its very beginning, by the DUAL Ports project, which can be truly said the springboard that leveraged a much bigger scheme. More info here. 

Today Zero Emissions technology for tomorrow’s Zero Emissions fleet

Zero Emissions Ships (ZES) are possible today. However, zero-emissions shipping is not easy to achieve. Why? Read what Madadh MacLaine, CEO at Zero Emissions Maritime Technology Ltd, cooperating with DUAL Ports, has to say about it. Info here.

Runner up in North Sea Video Contest 2020 

Hvide Sande, Denmark, is creating a synergy of green energy by utilizing natures resources to create sustainable resources for households and businesses. We made a video about the pilots #hydrogen#heat#wave and #solar to illustrate how the port is frontrunner in creating #greenenergy. Our video, submitted to the North Sea Video Contest 2020, was announced as runner-up as presentation for the DUAL Ports project at the North Sea Conference. See here

The port of Skagen is testing SOX/NOX/CO2 absorbing asphalt

As part of the EU project Dual Ports, the Port of Skagen is testing an environmentally improved asphalt of 7,300m2 on Vestre Strandvej in Skagen, Denmark. The new asphalt to be tested is NCC Green Asphalt, which is partly produced from recycled asphalt. In addition, a new production method is used which enables a lower production temperature. The result will be a savings of CO2 emissions of 8,524 tones, corresponding to a reduction of 25%. More info here.

New hydrogen course in Orkney approved by MCA

A course developed in Orkney to prepare local seafarers for working on and alongside hydrogen powered vessels has been approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) in mid 2020. The approval represents a significant milestone in the Innovate UK funded HyDIME (Hydrogen Diesel Injection in a Marine Environment) project. The course was developed by Orkney College UHI’s Maritime Studies department, based at the ‘Nav School’ in Stromness and covers such subjects as the specific characteristics of hydrogen and the design and use of the safety features required for storage, transport and consumption of the fuel. The course, which follows on from an earlier training programme focused solely on handling of hydrogen, will be jointly delivered by both Orkney College and Orkney Ferries staff, providing a credible mix of theoretical and industry input for the best possible outcome.

H2 fact finding trip

A team of DUAL Ports partners and hydrogen-interested professionals went on a Fact Finding Trip to several different companies investing in hydrogen technologies now and in the future (Port of Hvide Sande; Hvide Sande District HeatingHvide Sande ShipyardHydrogen Valley / Hy BalanceHydrogen Fuelling StationBlue World TechnologiesGreenHydrogen). Hydrogen has become an even greater interesting opportunity for ports to utilize sustainable energy. Many port’s surroundings provide an optimal position of strong ressources from nature that can help produce green energy, e.g. wind, wave and solar energy. The green energy may not only be used to power homes and business but also to create an alternative to fossil fuels for vessels, ferries, cars, busses among others. Red more here.

Hxdrogen Technology provider and DUAL Ports partner ITM strengthens its position in the marine fuel bunkering market

ITM Power manufactures integrated hydrogen energy solutions to enhance the utilization of renewable energy that would otherwise be wasted. As a DUAL Ports partner, ITM Power uses its skills in hydrogen technologies for their work in the hydrogen pilot at Orkney Islands. ITM Power has been strengthening its position in the marine fuel bunkering market by offering the go-to green hydrogen production technology for large scale adoption of hydrogen fuel bunkering for the maritime industry. Its proven electrolyser platform architecture is designed to be scalable. More info here

Port expansion in the DUAL Ports partner Skagen havn

The Port of Skagen has developed a platform for stage 3 of the port expansion that is expected to be finished in the fall of 2020. The primary objective of the port expansion if to create even greater and better framework for one of the ports key activities; fishing, the fishing industry and industry that follows fishing naturally. The Port of Skagen is the largest fishing harbour in Denmark which position is further strengthened with the port expansion. More info here.

Developing Low Carbon port potential: cost-benefit & carbon footprint analyses

DUAL Ports partner Hamburgerisches WeltWirtschafts Institut (HWWI) has published a report about Cost benefit analysis (CBA). CBA is a systematic approach to compare the costs and bene-fits of alternatives, e.g. a decision between the construction or non-construction of a traffic light, in order to assess the welfare change. The purpose of a CBA is to facilitate a more efficient allocation of resources, mainly in terms of investments decisions. In order to assess the performance of the low carbon port development investments funded within the DUAL ports project, CBA can be applied. Visit HWWI’s website where you can download the report:

Action Plan: Low carbon regional ports

DUAL Ports partner Hamburgerisches WeltWirtschafts Institut (HWWI) has published a report/action plan that address the questions how ports can increase their efficiency, enhance their role in the industry, and become more sustainable. After presenting low carbon port activities within the DUAL ports project, the paper will derive implications for low carbon emission policies. Visit HWWI’s website where you can download the report:

Knowledge sharing: WAVE/HYDROGEN/HEAT DUAL Ports Workshop

Renewable, circular energy was the topic at the workshop hosted by Port of Hvide Sande and Hvide Sande District Heating on 9th december 2019. The presentations from the speakers of the workshop: see hereYou can also read the conclusions of the workshop by Wim Stubbe, lead partner of the Interreg-project DUAL Ports here.

Niedersachsen Ports participated and presented our DUAL Ports project at INTERREG Annual Conference in Bremen.

How can we work successfully in the North Sea Region? That was the overall question of the conference "Norddeutsche Jahreskonferenz 2019 Interreg Nordseeprogramm des Bundes und der Länder Bremen, Hamburg, Niedersachsen und Schleswig-Holstein" with more than 150 participants on November 12th 2019 in Bremen. The focus was to discuss the value of european network for local development and there was a mutual understanding; european cooperation creates value for both municipalities and regions and local issues can be overcome through cross-country cooperation. Read the full article here (in German)

DUAL Ports partner NPorts issues its Sustainability Report in English

The Port of Emden (part of NPorts) just published the English version of its Sustainability ReportThe report was designed according to the international publication standard GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and illustrates several projects that have been carried out or triggered by the DUAL Ports´s Green Ports Officer pilot.

DUAL Ports partners at the NON STOP project kick off

The port of Oostende, the port of Zwolle, NPorts and Business Vordingborg will attend the NON STOP kick off event which will be preceded by a conference on smart digitalisation for small and medium sized ports. See agenda here.

DUAL Ports sediment management event

A workshop on Sediment Management in Ports will take place October 29th in Eemshaven (The Netherlands), organised by NPorts and Groeningen Seaports (see Events section). 

DUAL Ports mission to face Brexit

DOCKLANDS BREXIT MISSION to the port of Great Yarmouth will take place on 14th October 2019 in order to strengthen the efficient organisation of logistic operations within and between port areas after BREXIT. More info here.

DUAL Ports at the NVB Annual Congress

On 4th October 2019 DUAL PORTS will be presented by Wim Stubbe at the annual Congress of the DUTCH Inland Ports Association (Nederlandse Vereniging van Binnenhavens, NVB), organised in Deventer. More info here.

DUAL Ports showcased in Vilnius

Wim Stubbe, Port of Oostende, will present the DUAL Ports project at the conference "Logistikos ir transporto forumas 2019" taking place in Vilnius (Lithuania) on the 19th September 2019 ( During his speech Wim is going to showcase the project as an example of how innovations in port planning via low-carbon solutions can have concrete and durable results in the management and operations of a harbour authority.


At the North Sea Climate Conference on the 25th of June, the DUAL Ports partnership was awarded with the runner up for ‘best video’ in the second annual NSR Video Contest. The award was handed over by the President of the North Sea Commission, Kerstin BrunnströmThe DUAL Ports project was selected as the runner up between 11 different entries in the competition. The jury consisted of 14 judges, two from each of the membering North Sea countries, appointed by the Monitoring Committee. DUAL Ports communications officer Camilla Bruun Sørensen received the award on behalf of the project partnership. After thanking for the recognition, she took the opportunity to thank the North Sea Programme for the extension of the project, which will bring DUAL Ports even further in decarbonizing port business. The winner of the NSR Video Contest was Inno-Quarter. Besides Camilla Bruun Sørensen, Dual Ports was represented by: Irina Temiz, Jens Möller, Simona Margarino, Isabel Suenner.

Visionary development becomes reality becomes reality in Vordingborg

The Port of Vordingborg held their grand opening of the sustainable port expansion on June 22nd. The day was celebrated with an open event for the public, clients and official invitees. The Mayor of Vordingborg, Mikael Smed, Head of Secretariat at North Sea Region Programme, Christian Byrith, chairman of the Danish Ports association, Ole Ingrisch and CEO of DLG, Kristian Hundebøll gave the opening speeches, focusing on the opportunities that the DUAL Ports project and the port expansion give to the local businesses, the city and the region. The Port of Vordingborg has received great recognition both nationally and internationally in the industry. The port expansion is part of the EU Interreg project DUAL Ports, where ports in the North Sea Region work together to develop methods and technologies that will make port operations more sustainable. Visionary and sustainable development is a valuable brand at a time when climate is in focus. You can see photos from the opening and read the article from a local newspaper, Sjællandske, here. The event was also covered by Danish regional Tv2Øst – you can see clips from the day here.

DUAL Ports presented in Gdansk at SeaTech

The Port of Oostende took part in the SeaTech conference in Gdansk, Poland, on 18th June 2019. Wim Stubbe, Business Development Manager at the Port of Oostende presented the DUAL Ports project. The main topics at the event were the latest technological solutions, previous experience and future challenges in the maritime and logistics industry. Experts talked about transformations in four main areas: ports, offshore, shipbuilding and logistics. Proprietary solutions were also presented by startups from the STARTER Gdańsk. You can view the highlights from the conference via Polish media.

Great news for the port of Zwolle and the entire region

After many years of lobbying it has now been decided that the locks of Afsluitdijk in the Netherlands will be widened. The widening of the locks will have a major (green) impact on the feedering of cargo from and to the major ports and on the development of the port of Zwolle. The DUAL Ports partner Port of Zwolle will investigate via the project how to best upgrade the lock, thus facilitating shorter routes and lower pollution in the area. The locks at Afsluitdijk will be widened from 11 to 25 meters and this will make it possible for larger ships to come into the inland ports of the region, including the Port of Zwolle. The decision to widen the locks will also create a lot of new investments, mainly from local companies and ship builders in the area, investing in new and larger machinery and staff. With calculations, permits and construction, this decision will have a long-term impact, and results will not be seen in the first couple of years. However, it is an important step towards greater development in the Dutch region. The widening of the locks can make the ports of Zwolle and Kampen an attractive logistical spot for transport of bulk goods, containers and packages, which will create growth.

DUAL Ports in line with ESPO´s expectations

At the European Sea Ports Organisation´s Annual Conference in Livorno (23-24/05/2019), ESPO´s Secretary General, Isabelle Ryckbost, emphasised the role that ports play in decarbonisation ( ESPO have prepared the memorandum ‘Priorities of European Ports for 2019-2024’ for the European Commission and Parliament highlighting how port authorities can be key facilitators of the port ecosystem. Since 2015 DUAL Ports has already been implementing measures that are expected to reduce CO2/NOX/SOX emissions in port towns, thus anticipating ESPO´s reccomendations. 

The port of Vordingborg shares the great results of its port expansion on 16th May 2019

Ports all have to support the way to a greener environment. As partner in DUAL Ports The Port of Vordingborg has been sharing its experiences, especially on how it was able to reduce the CO2 footprint by 20% and even saved 10% of the costs of the port expansion project. A small step, however an important one. On the 16th of May the port had the pleasure of hosting some colleagues from 10 other Danish ports, the Belgian Port of Oostende and the Danish Port Association (Danske Havne). It was a great day discussing sustainable port development and why it makes so much sense.

DUAL Ports with a booth at the 2019 Maritime Days in May, don´t miss it

DUAL Ports will be present with a booth at the 2019 European Maritime Days in Lisbon on 16th-17th May in Lisbon, Portugal, in an upgraded interactive exhibition where stands will be organised by thematic clusters. DUAL Ports will be showcased as a best practice of how ports -without which Blue Growth cannot take place- can jointly help achieve one of the key objectives presented during the event, i.e. "the EU’s decarbonisation strategy" ( The EMD2019 will cover also other topics under which the DUAL ports partners are cooperating, e.g. green shipping and port tech clusters.

DUAL Ports goes to Lithuania!

Wim Stubbe, port of Oostende, will be presenting DUAL Ports at a small ports workshop taking place in Karkle, Lithuania, on the 29th March 2019. The event, organised within the framework of the South Coast Baltic crossborder project (Interreg South Baltic Programme), will be a good opportunity to debate the various ways in which small and medium sized ports in the two macro-regions are tackling similar sustainability and decarbonisation challenges. 

FWT brings the Hydrogen pilot to the EIA

Madadh MacLaine from Fair Wim Trust, a DUAL Ports partner, has been invited to present at -the International Energy Agency (EIA) - Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (HIA) Task 39 expert group on Hydrogen in Maritime Transport ( meeting in Southampton  (UK) on  18th-19th March 2019 to deliver on DUAL Ports H2 addition to the Sail Cargo pilot as well as input from DUAL Ports on the attached blue papers.  This is an important exchange whereby DUAL Port can contribute to and share in the finding of this international expert group increasing the dissemination of the DUAL Port finding while bringing valuable information into the project. FWT had already attended the EIA HIA Task 39 expert group meeting in Trieste on 20-21st September 2018 where Madadh MacLaine presented on The BIG HIT and ITM’s DUAL Ports bunkering project in the Orkney Islands.

Port of Emden inaugurates new sustainable lighting system in a rail track facility

The incandescent light bulb, traditional timer switches, and ON/OFF switches have all seen better days and are all but obsolete. Today’s lighting systems are smart and energy-efficient. That is exactly why Niedersachsen Ports has implemented an innovative lighting concept at the rail track area in the Port of Emden over the past months. Within the port, this track grouping is used to aid in the transshipment of motorized vehicles, for the shunting and switching, staging and parking, the loading and unloading of car carrier trains (Auto Train rail cars). The types of jobs to be performed, as well as the different areas in need of illumination, require individual lighting scenarios. The new system includes Smart Controls for Targeted Light Deployment and provides Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection. More info:  

Successful hydrogen workshop in Oostende

On the 21stof February, the DUAL Ports project hosted a Hydrogen workshop at the Andromeda Hotel in Oostende. More information and PPT here:

DUAL Ports welcomes new partners

On the 11thof December 2018, the Steering Committee of the Interreg VB North Sea Region Programme has approved the extension of the DUAL Ports project. This entails that the DUAL Ports project has welcomed six new partners (Laminaria, Seabased AB, Celtic Cruises, Hvide Sande Port, Hvide Sande Heating System, Uppsala University) and will be implementing eight new pilot-projects. See:

Dockland fine chemicals

At the inner port of Oostende, the DOCKLAND FINE CHEMICALS pilot is trying to develop  a business scheme for small chemical companies, focusing on cost and energy efficiency. For small companies in chemical and gas industries (SEVESO-bound), the number of permits, security measures and safety regulations is overwhelming, hindering the business from developing in a sustainable way.-. For more info:

DUAL Ports and the future fuels at various international events

DUAL Ports partner Madadh MacLaine of Fair Winds Trust has been on the road, participating in different conferences on propulsion and future fuels, promoting DUAL Ports and the use of hydrogen and wind propulsion in commercial shipping, e.g. "3rd International Conference on Marine Renewable Energy and Maritime Hydrogen Technology", Florø, Norway (04/10/2018); "Bunker Industry Association´s Annual convention", Copenhagen, Denmark (07/11/2018); "Motorship Propulsion & Future fuels conference", Hamburg, Germany (14/11/2018); "International Energy Agency (EIA) - Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (HIA) Task 39 expert group on Hydrogen in Maritime Transport", Southampton, UK (18-19/03/2019).

Eco-Innovation integral to futureproofing of smaller ports

In a world where sustainability is increasingly in focus and ships are growing in size and volume, is there a future for smaller, regional ports?  A workshop hosted by the North Sea Region funded project DUAL Ports provided some interesting answers. By Sofie Forfang,, Joint Secretariat, North Sea Region Programme. 

DUAL Ports meets DG MARE at the EU Week of Regions and Cities 

On October 10, DUAL Ports had organized a workshop in Brussels, during the EU Week of Regions and Cities. 25 participants from the maritime industry, EU policy representatives and partners of DUAL Ports spent the afternoon learning about innovative green port solutions, and had fruitful discussions about how to tackle challenges in greening port business. Key-note speakers: Felix Leinemann, Head of Unit Blue Economy Sectors, Aquaculture and Maritime Spatial Planning in DG MARE and Gesine Meißner, President of the European Parliament Intergroup Seas, Rivers, Islands. For more info: SME PORTS : home for innovation in green port technologies and blue growth? 

Fruitful LNG workshop in Skagen

On 6th September 2018 the Port of Skagen held an LNG workshop as project partner in the Interreg project Dual Ports, which aims to decarbonize the ports in the North Sea region and reduce the environmental footprint. Nearly 20 contributors were on the workshop’s programme to provide different perspectives and experiences with Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) fuel. The approximately 40 participants in the workshop were both project partners and external companies seeking knowledge about LNG now and in the future. More info and PPT:

The Port of Vordingborg opened to 800 visitors

The Port of Vordingborg in Denmark opened up to the public on September 1st. More than 800 visitors came by the docks and learned much more about the port, the customers and about the sustainable expansion of the quay area, also thanks to the DUAL Ports SOIL pilot. The Port of Vordingborg invited the public “inside” for an “Open Port”-event. The many visitors were equipped with a map of the port and were sent on a walk around the port area.

DUAL Ports at the "Energy Week" in Brussels in June 2018 

DUAL Ports will be speaking at the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels - we also have a stand at the Networking Village at EUSEW, and we look forward to speak to many more people about decarbonizing port business! #DUALPorts #LowCarbon#EUSEW18

DUAL Ports gathered attention at the GoLNG conference "LNG: best Fuel of the Future"

DUAL Ports hosted a reception during the 2nd day of the "LNG: Best Fuel of the Future" event (Bergen, 10-12/04/2018) organised by the Baltic Sea Region´s GoLNG project oboard the Norwegian Fjord Line’s LNG powered ferry M/S Stavangerfjord. The project´s ambitions to work on LNG were very well received. You can read more about the tour here.…/

DUAL Ports at the "Ports, Maritime Transport & Insularity" conference in Piraeus on 20/04/2018

Can small and medium size ports reduce their environmental footprint in an economically feasible way? This is key challenge that Wim Stubbe, Business development Manager at the Port of Oostende, is going to address at the 3RD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “Ports, Maritime Transport & Insularity” taking place on 19 & 20 April 2018 at the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the speech: "Low Carbon Port Management in SME Ports: a Road for Innovation?". The DUAL Ports project, co-funded by the EU via the Interreg North Sea Region Programme, will be showcased as an example of how international cooperation between ports can help them achieve together the low carbon goal, by sharing expertise, best practices and costs and without jeopardising their respective competitive position. For more info and the agenda: See PPT: From SME PORTS to Regional Entrepreneurial Ports: DUAL Ports 

DUAL Ports at ESPO´s Small Ports workshop on 20/03/2018

Not a TEN-T core port? What’s in it for you?” is the topic of the 2018 Small Ports workshop organised by the European Sea Ports Organisation in Brussels on 20th March 2018 (10:30-16:00). During the event, focusing on  EU legislation, funding possibilities & other opportunities for small ports, Wim Stubbe (Port of Oostende) will share his extensive experience in terms of EU-cofunded initiatives. He will concentrate on the ‘DUAL Ports’ project, which is a project for SME ports, that is 50% co-funded by ERDF through the Interreg North Sea Region Programme (priority eco-innovation). The objective of the project is to promote resource efficiency in the management of SME Ports and to develop new low carbon technologies, products and services in order to reduce the environmental footprint of ports.

The Port of Skagen has joined DUAL Ports

The Partners of DUAL Ports are happy to announce, that the Port of Skagen has been accepted as a new partner in the project. The Port of Skagen will become the lead partner of the LNG pilot, exploring the possibility to install a bunkering system for LNG at the port.

“Port of Skagen is excited to become part of the DUAL Ports Program. We look forward to investigate how we can contribute to a reduced carbon footprint, and to analyse on future possibilities for developing LNG options in the port, says CEO Willy B. Hansen”

The Port of Skagen is a sea port in the northern part of Denmark, and is the largest landing port in Europe for pelagic fish. Fishery has for many generations been one of the biggest industries in the area. The Port also has a strong maritime network, that performs service and construction for maritime vessels, both at the port and offshore. The position at the top of Denmark also makes Port of Skagen an ideal location for cruise ships.

The Port of Skagen has ambitious plans for growth in the future, and for the past ten years, the port has expanded the port and quay areas in three phases – the latest still ongoing. With the expansion of phase three, plans are explored to install an LNG bunkering system at the new quay area.

DUAL Ports partners took part in Ambition 1.5 degrees

On the 13th of November participants from 29 different countries and 150 delegates met at the Ambition 1.5oC: Global Shipping’s Action Plan summit in Bonn. The summit was organised by many different institutions, including the International Windship Association. The Ambition 1.5oC: Global Shipping’s Action Plan summit gathered experts from across the shipping industry to create the Action Plan required for shipping to meet the high ambition level indicated in the Paris Agreement. ​“Be courageous about your thinking, rise to the challenge of solving this problem, be bold and try to change the world just a little bit”, said the key note speaker Dr. Jennifer Baxter when opening the summit. Climate change and future regulations on carbon emissions provide a need to be looking at alternative fuels and different options in propulsion, in order to meet the demands of the future, and protect the environment. Gavin Allwright, secretary of The International Windship Association took part in the summit, and participated in panel discussions. “I am incredibly optimistic in the development of alternative fuels going forward. Wind is a significant way to reduce the amount of bunkering fuel that we need to,” he says. You can see Gavin Allwright, IWSA, present the purpose of the summit in this video below.


All summit videos are available here.


Sustainable port expansion in Vordingborg

The Port of Vordingborg is working on expanding the port areas significantly, to attract new shipping companies and to create growth possibilities for existing companies in the Port. In August 2017, the second and third phase of the sustainable port expansion was started. The Port of Vordingborg is pilot leader of the DUAL Ports SOIL project. The aim of the pilot is to expand the port’s areas to make more room for new and existing clients. The need for more space will be realised in a sustainable way, by reusing soil, incinerated garbage (slag), and other recycled resources, e.g. concrete and asphalt from construction works in the surrounding area to expand. On the 24th of August, the Mayor of Vordingborg Municipality, Mr. Michael Seiding Larsen took the first official sod for the second and third port expansion, which are expected to be finished in 2019.


In order to build with sustainable materials, the recycled resources have to be available, but they also have to be of a certain volume, quality and uniformity. Also, regulations on what resources may be used and the quantities of such has been a challenge. The local community and neighbors of the port have been invited to hear about the project – the Port of Vordingborg has held several Open Days and guided tours, where the port has invited everyone interested to come and see the activities on the port and to hear about the port expansion project based on recycling of materials. The sustainable port expansion will bring down the carbon footprint significantly and save direct costs of establishing the port. It will also bring down the carbon footprint and save indirect costs for local and regional companies, since transportation is brought down.


Climate protection in the maritime economy: Success through partnership


For the third time the partners participating in the European project DUAL Ports met to discuss the possibilities of transforming ports into more environmentally friendly ones. At the partner-meeting in Emden this week, the project managers reported on the current state of their particular DUAL Ports projects and the progresses already made. During the three days in Emden and Leer, the challenges that still have to be overcome were discussed together. “We all face the same challenges. We want to benefit from the experience of our partners and work together to develop larger solutions”, explains Dr. Matthäus Wuczkowski, Sustainability Manager at Niedersachsen Ports.

Moreover, the participants of the DUAL Ports met with the MariGreen project in order to share knowledge and exchange experiences. The MariGreen project also deals with the possibilities of making the maritime economy more environmentally friendly. However, the DUAL Ports project primarily concentrates on finding solutions for port authorities, while the MariGreen project is mainly focused on the development of concepts for shipping companies. At the meeting, experts from both sides were able to discuss within small groups the potential and current challenges of LNG, hydrogen and sail cargo. All participants agreed that there will be a variety of environmentally friendly fuels in the maritime economy in the future. However, which low-emission fuels will ultimately prevail, is largely dependent on medium-term legislation, on the incentive mechanisms of the market and on the awareness of society. “In order to work efficiently on these issues in the future, greater cooperation between ports and the maritime sector is necessary”, stresses Wuczkowski. “For this reason, we are also planning to promote a close exchange between the two projects in the future.”, Katja Baumann, managing director of MARIKO GmbH, agreed. For more info:

DUAL Ports in Logistics Pilot

The October 2017 edition of the magazine Logistics Pilot featured DUAL Ports with the article "Internationaler Schulterschluss für Nachhaltigkeit" (see pages 22-23).

DUAL Ports at the Green Shipping Summit in Rotterdam

Dr. Matthäus Wuczkowski, Sustainability Manager at Niedersachsen Ports, Germany and partner in DUAL Ports, will be giving a speech at the Green Shipping Summit in Rotterdam on October 16-17, 2017. He will participate in the panel discussion on “The Role of Port Authorities Regarding Green Initiatives” and debate ports responsibilities and their cooperation with other ports such as in the Interreg NSP DUAL Ports project.

The Sail Cargo Network at the GreenPort Congress 2017 in Amsterdam!

Madadh MacLaine is going to talk about Sustainable Supply Chains via Wind Propulsion at the GreenPort Congress in Amsterdam on the 10th October. Linking the North Sea Region to an ethical maritime supply network is a key objective that the DUAL Ports project is aiming to achieve. The event will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase how transport CAN be environmentally friendly, reducing Co2 emissions and, at the same time, be economically viable, support local business and recreate traditional short sea shipping routes.

Open day at the Port of Oostende

On Sunday the 17th of September 2017, the port of Oostende held an open day for the public, in coordination with the Flemish government and the other Flemish ports. The focus of the open days at the port of Oostende was "Blue Growth and sustainable development". The visits focused on the REBO-terminal where the installation and the maintenance of the offshore wind parks are organized. Next to the offshore wind energy, particular attention was paid to wave technology, coastal defence and the production of seaweed. Therefore, several companies, like FALCK Safety Services, Multitech NV, Laminaria, Parkwind, MHI Vestas, GEOxyz, CMI, Noordzeekranen, Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen presented their activities and showed what kind of industrial actions are undertaken on land and at sea. Guided tours on land and at sea gave a better flavour of the port´s atmosphere and business. Under a nice autumn sun,  more than 2000 visitors got a glimpse of the daily life of a sustainable blue industry port, finishing the day with the tasting of a new local beer called “de Zeveroare”.

DUAL Ports presented at FCH Workshop on Maritime and Port Applications

ITM Power was invited to present at a workshop organised by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (the main source of EU funding for fuel cells and hydrogen) on the 15th and 16th June 2017 in Valencia. The workshop was organised to bring key players from the hydrogen and marine sector together, and included: Fuel cell manufacturers; Hydrogen refuelling providers; Hydrogen storage manufacturers; Port operators; Ship builders; Ship operators. The workshop followed on from a previous workshop on Smart Specialisation held in 2015 in Lyon and took a closer look at maritime and port applications, with a number of sessions centred around the issue of hydrogen and fuel cell applications for boats/ships, logistics and stationary applications, as well as other aspects including safety and regulations and funding mechanisms. 

“My presentation appeared to be well received. There were questions at the end regarding the expected price of fuel and whether to go with compressed or liquefied hydrogen. I went away with a much better idea of the priorities of port operators and the sort of pressures that they are under,” says Kris Hyde, Technology Manager at ITM Power, Partner in DUAL Ports.

Click to see the presentation from ITM Power.

The Port of Emden receives the PERS environmental certificate

We congratulate our project partner, the Port of Emden, that in June 2017 has been awarded by the European Sea Ports Organization (ESPO) the PERS Certificate. The Port Environmental Review System is used as a standard for the verification of port-specific measures. The Port of Emden is the second port of Niedersachsen Ports (NPorts) to have received a PERS certificate for its environmental management. Since January 1, 2017, NPorts has purchased 97.7 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources. You can read the full PERS Environmental Report for the Port of Emden here. 

 Dr. Matthäus Wuczkowski (NPorts, Nachhaltigkeitsmanager) was handed the certificate by Eamonn O’Reilly (ESPO, Chairman) and Isabelle Ryckbost (ESPO, Secretary General)

Foto: NPorts. Eamonn O’Reilly (ESPO, Chairman), Dr. Matthäus Wuczkowski (NPorts, Sustainability Manager), Isabelle Ryckbost (ESPO, Secretary General)

DUAL Ports at "transport logictics 2017" in Munich (Germany)

DUAL Ports will be present at "tranport logistics", taking place in Munich from the 9th to the 12th of May 2017. Visit the stand of the Port of Oostende (Hall B3.109/210) to know more about the project and its partners´port low carbon activities. "transport logistic" is the world's leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management, and acts as the business platform for and driving force behind the global logistics and transport industry (

DUAL Porty at "MARENER 2017" in Malmö (Sweden)

Madadh MacLaine, founder of Fair Winds Trust (DUAL Ports partner), recently attended MARENER 2017, an international conference on maritime energy management, organised by the World Maritime University and held from 24 to 25 January 2017 in Malmö. During the event Madadh illustrated the DUAL Ports´s Sailcargo eco-platform and network in the speech "Shifting the Paradigm Sail-propulsion, Decentralization and Sustainable Supply Chains" (See:

DUAL Ports featured in the "Baltic Transport Journal"

The DUAL Ports project was featured in the "Baltic Transport Journal" 01-2017 edition within an article written by Wim Stubbe, Business Development Manager at the Port of Oostende (AGHO). AGHO is DUAL Ports´s lead coordinator. See:  "Home for Blue Growth

DUAL Ports referred to in "motus foundation"´s "Supporting transport and logistics"

In the article "Blue Baltic Economy", published in "motus foundation"´s "Supporting transport and logistics", Wim Stubbe (Business Development Manager at the Port of Oostende) showcases DUAL Ports as an example of how small and medium size ports can and should invest in low carboN technologies and management in order to become more sustainable and meet the Blue Economy´s new challenges. See: "Blue Baltic Economy"

The Port of Emden´s DUAL Ports investment goes public

DUAL Ports and one of its investments, the pilot in intelligent low carbon lightning at the Port of Emden, Germany, have been recently presented in varius media. "HANSA International Maritime Journal": "»Dual Ports« will Emissionen senken"; "Niedersachsen Ports" (2016): “Leinen los für DUAL Ports"; "DVZ Seefracht" (2016): "CO2-Belastung in den Häfen soll sinken", "MariGreen" (2016): "Ports Kickoff Meeting"; "MarIko Leer" (2016): "Kick-Off DUAL Ports".

Successful DUAL Ports kick-off event in Denmark!

About 70 people attended the DUAL Ports kick-off conference "De-carbonizing port business today" which took place on the 3rd of November 2016 at the beautiful Hotel Frederiksminde, in Præstø (Denmark). The event was mentioned in the local TV: DUAL Ports on Danish local TV News: To download the event´s presentations: DUAL Ports kick-off conference PPTs




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