Technical Feasibility of Decomtools Vessel Monopile Extraction System - Master thesis

31 January 2023 - Published by Charlotte Lundsberg Baumgartner

As part of the EU-funded DecomTools project for offshore wind farm decommissioning, the Thesis set out to evaluate the technical feasibility of the monopile extraction system of the concept eco-innovative Decomtools vessel design.

The thesis evaluates the design feasibility of the gripper support beams in terms of the capacity to withstand the maximum design forces. It further evaluates the cutting method and equipment proposed as part of the extraction system, as well as the crane system and estimates their respective footprints to aid further development and improvement of the vessel during the detailed design phase.

The master Thesis was finalized by Prince Paa Tawiah Ankrah, Master in Maritime Operations, Offshore and Subsea Operations, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences


Read the Thesis HERE