Stakeholder Report: “A vital interest in decommissioning”

23 June 2020 - Published by Jonas Nørgård Larsen
“A vital interest in decommissioning”

Recycling companies, blade manufactures, port operators: A new stakeholder analysis from the European project Decom Tools maps the stakeholders in European decommissioning of offshore wind. 

To understand the potential in decommissioning of offshore wind turbine blades, a group of partners have just finished a stakeholder analysis of six European countries’ approach to the topic.  

Download the report: 


Several regional workshops in the North Sea Region have been conducted including different offshore stakeholder groups. 

Mirko Kruse, Junior Researcher at the Hamburg Institute of International Economics, explains: 

“Generally, the stakeholders in the workshops have shown a high degree of curiosity related to decommissioning of offshore wind farms. They expect a potential business opportunity and the development of the decommissioning sector is therefor monitored very closely,” says Mr. Kruse.  

Vital interest

All in all, 155 participants have taken part in 5 regional workshops in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Scotland as part of the mapping. Moreover, 11 company interviews have been conducted in Denmark and an additional four company visits in Norway has been organized. 

“As the volume of offshore wind decommissioning projects is expected to rise more in the mid- rather than the short term, there is some scepticism on the right timing to enter the market. Due to the related uncertainties, mostly those companies already being involved in decommissioning of oil and gas facilities show a vital interest here”, says Mr. Kruse. 

“Our report shows that decommissioning still is a niche topic, but as the bulks old turbine blades increases, companies need to move fast. Our mapping and industry feedback shows, that now is the time to prepare for future business,” says Mirko Kruse.