Schooling Programme - Blade removal, Blade cutting, and Nacelle removing

27 January 2023 - Published by Charlotte Lundsberg Baumgartner

When looking at schooling concepts we need to distinguish between Schooling from scratch and schooling of allready existing personnel.

In this case, the HRM departments will have to look at their allready acquired skills and potential. Several questions needs to be asked:

  • What are our demands regarding decommissioning
  • What are the demands using the technology
  • What functions will we school
  • What does the personnel need to know
  • What level does our personnel have at the moment
  • How will we organize the schooling
  • What time will it take to school

During the project 3 Schooling concepts to change the working practice in decommission and recycling has been developed.


Access courses:

Wind turbine decommissioning -

Blade removal -

Nacelle removal -

Blade cutting -


E-learning modules (WeTransfer link):


Instructions for use

When used on an LMS (online environment)

Create a SCORM activity on the LMS and upload the zip file ending in 'scorm-12'. The file reports a Passed/Incomplete status depending on the progress of the user.


By use on a website

Extract the zip file ending in 'web', and upload the folders and files to the web server

Create a link to the file 'index/html'


The schooling programme was developed by the Decomtools Project partner De Lauwershorst BV


Read the report HERE