DecomTools Vessel Design – Presenting an Eco-Sustainable Approach to Decommission Offshore Wind Parks by designing a New Ship, New Tools and efficient and reliable procedures

11 October 2021 - Published by Charlotte Lundsberg Baumgartner

The emphasis of the thesis is to fill the gaps of the offshore wind industry, which exists between the wind turbine manufacturers and transportation and installation contractors by designing a new multi-function and multi-purpose green vessel, new tools and reliable, efficient safe procedures. Specifications of the new vessel have been defined by studying various generations of wind turbines, the specifications of offshore wind parks, development of the industry during last decades and new coming generation of wind turbines.

With regards to the Decom Tools project, the vessel is equipped with the latest available technologies and many innovative tools. Not only the design of mentioned vessel (Decom Tool Vessel) is described but also tools such as a pile and transition piece gripper, a cables gripper as well as blade sea fastening along with a blade-cutting tool are demonstrated.

The proposed procedures are explained with the necessary drawings and calculations. Furthermore, time-cost-consumption-emission calculations show the improvement of using the designed vessel, tools and proposed procedures in comparison with conventional methods.

The thesis is available for download HERE.