DecomTools at the Conference Science Meets Industry

16 April 2019 - Published by Jonas Nørgård Larsen
HVL-Haugesund presented DecomTools at the Conference Science Meets Industry in Stavanger

The Science meets industry conference is organized by Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster in collaboration with NORCOWE, University of Stavanger and Greater Stavanger.

The conference is an important meeting point for companies and research institutions. Many of the participants have been working in offshore wind research since 2009 when the NORCOWE program (Norwegian Research Cluster for Offshore Wind Energy ) started. 

Hence this was a valuable opportunity to present the DecomTools project to possible stakeholders in Norway.

Photos by Jens Christian Lindaas 

Some of the participants have founded their own companies and developed their own prototypes of offshore windturbines. Other participants have been focusing on meteorological research, anchoring technologies and CFD simulations.

At the conference, the DecomTools project presentation was the only project addressing issues for the end-of-service-life of offshore windparks. Hence many participants found it interesting and took contact after the presentation.

The conference was also an opportunity to extend an invitation to the DecomTools Workshop in Haugesund on April 26