Decommisioning of Windturbines – Logistics business case

30 January 2023 - Published by Charlotte Lundsberg Baumgartner

For both onshore and offshore wind turbines, the integral value chains of decommissioning (from dismantling to recycling the materials) were mapped, and the potential role of the port of Ostend and the province of West Flanders in this was highlighted.

The report consists of the following chapters:

• Introduction: reading guide, main findings of the study and recommendations for follow-up steps
• Context: background information on the expected number of wind turbines to be dismantled, and the composition and volume of material flows; conceptual framework
• Decommissioning, transport and recycling process: description of the decommissioning value chain process
• Requirements for potential port sites: infrastructural requirements of the port sites (maritime access, quay, sites, landside access) where the dismantled offshore wind turbine components are unloaded and undergo initial processing; evaluation of the port of Ostend in comparison with alternative sites
• Key findings
• Recommendations


The report was finalized by the DecomTool project partner POM West Flanders.

Read the report HERE