Cost Modelling for Offshore Wind Farm decommissioning

03 February 2022 - Published by Charlotte Lundsberg Baumgartner

This report aims to review the current practice in OWF installations and discuss the possible decommissioning scenarios. The available experience and information in OWF installation are investigated in detail and the cost formulations for OWF decommissioning are developed. The rest of this report is organised as follows. In Section 2, the current technologies and methods in the installation of OWF assets will be briefly reviewed. Then, Section 3 presents the detailed cost modelling formulations developed for the OWF decommissioning projects. Finally, the concluding remarks will be presented in Section 4.

Title: Cost Modelling for Offshore Wind Farm decommissioning

Authors: Shahin Jalili, Alireza Maheri, Ana Ivanovic (University of Aberdeen)


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