Cost and Emission Analyses of Decommissioning of Offshore Wind Farms Using Reverse Installation Method

17 May 2022 - Published by Charlotte Lundsberg Baumgartner

A holistic assessment of OWF decommissioning projects requires comprehensive cost and environmental impact analyses to facilitate the decision-making process for the developers and policymakers.

Decommissioning is still new for OWF owners/developers that demands efficient decisions to minimise the costs and possible impacts on the environment. However, the prediction of costs and emissions for the OWF decommissioning projects is not an easy task due to the limited technical experience of the industry and the lack of available data.

In this report, the cost and emission analyses of OWF decommissioning projects are addressed based on a bottom-up approach. The report tries to develop efficient cost and emission analyses based on the available data and experience. To show the challenge of data absence, a set of future OWF decommissioning case studies are investigated in terms of the costs and emissions.

The case studies are Lincs Limited and Gunfleet Sands OWFs in the UK and Horn Rev I OWF in Denmark. In the investigated case studies, the costs and emissions for the different removal activities, including Wind Turbine (WT) removal, foundation removal, Offshore Substation (OS) removal, Meteorological Mast (MM) removal, cable removal, scour protection removal, site restoration, and transportation are calculated based on the site-specific and logistic information.


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