Bending Wind Turbine Blades Circular

11 September 2020

Wind turbine blade waste is becoming an increasing problem as the first generation of turbines is now being decommissioned and the blades are ending up mainly in landfill, incineration and the cement …

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Report on Norwegian companies: “Methods from decommissioning of oil and gas are applicable in offshore wind”

03 July 2020

DeepOcean, Reach Subsea, Kvaerner, and AF Decom. Many Norwegian companies have years of experience in offshore decommissioning, and the field of business has for many years been employing specialists …

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Stakeholder Report: “A vital interest in decommissioning”

23 June 2020

“A vital interest in decommissioning”

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Chemistry to reincarnate old turbine blades

27 May 2020

The Dutch recycling company Virol is using chemistry in the scrapping of test samples of blades from LM Wind Power. The target is to find a new chemical recycling processes to better the footprint for…

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Belgium puts offshore wind turbine decommissioning high on the agenda of stakeholders

23 December 2019

The expected lifetime of offshore wind turbines is about 20-25 years. This in turn means that the Belgian offshore wind sector - one of Europe's leading energy sectors - will also be part of the pione…

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Market analysis: Decommissioning offshore wind is an overall opportunity

20 December 2019

“Europe will set the agenda worldwide for decommissioning of offshore wind”. A new market analysis from the Interreg North Sea project DecomTools highlights the potential of the afterlife of offshor…

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“Decommissioning blades is both a responsibility and an opportunity“

23 May 2019

For one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wind turbine blades, decommissioning blades is a task and a responsibility that the industry should cope with, and it is also a golden opportunity to cr…

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DecomTools at the Conference Science Meets Industry

16 April 2019

HVL-Haugesund presented DecomTools at the Conference Science Meets Industry in Stavanger

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HVL-Haugesund visiting Kværner

19 March 2019

HVL-Haugesund visited Kværner facilities at Stord, Norway in March 2019. The purpose of the visit was to collect relevant information from Kværner regarding decommissioning experience from the offshor…

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10 December 2018

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