Stakeholder Workshop at Haugeund on the 26th of April

In this occasion, we presented the DecomTools project and some preliminary market analysis to relevant actors from research and education institutions, public institution and private companies.

By Andres Olivares, associated professor at HVL Haugesund

We organized this workshop as part of a systematic effort to establish a baseline for the DecomTools project. The main goal was to find other possible stakeholders for our project deliverables and to see the possibilities for transnational collaborations. Among the participants was well established companies such as Saga Subsea, Scanmudring and UNITECH Offshore AS. Other participants were public offices and research institutions.

It was great to see the high interest for the DecomTools project from relevant actors in Norway and that they are willing to engage in our project.

In general, the opinion was that decommissioning of offshore wind parks is a business opportunity for Norwegian companies. They are very interested in the volume of the market and schedule for decommissioning of offshore wind parks in Europe.

Most of the Norwegian companies that participated in the workshop already take part in other projects about offshore decommissioning and installation processes in the Oil and Gas Industry. They have relevant experience in subsea and top side operations, including cutting and lifting of structures and transport to special ports for further decommissioning of oil platforms and other large structures.

It was also mentioned that the Norwegian onshore decommissioning infrastructure from Oil & Gas already is capable of handling large amounts of hazardous materials including asbestos, heavy metals and contaminated residues (including radiation and chemical contamination) in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

Hence, most likely wind parks will present less hazardous challenges to the local environment.

The results from the workshop will be summarized in combination with the results from our previous interviews during the visit to companies in other areas of Norway. Hence we were glad to see that we have a good pool of possible Norwegian stakeholders that are interested in collaborating with the DecomTools project.

We would also like to thank the Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster for helping us with the organization of this event.