Most wind turbines are designed and certified for a 20–25 year service life. After this period, they have to be decommissioned or the accredited operational lifetime has to be extended, often accompanied by repowering.

While processes for decommissioning/repowering onshore wind parks are well known, the experience with offshore ones is limited. This project shall close this gap by devising and developing ecoinnovative concepts.

Latest Project News

Report: Concept for repowering of Offshore wind farms

10 August 2021

The world today is now facing the adverse effects of the unprecedented human influence on the climate system. Many countries are now transforming the…

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Study on various types of potential fleets that can serve decommissioning of offshore wind parks

08 April 2021

Study has been conducted on various types of potential fleets that can serve decommissioning of offshore wind parks.

The findings indicates th…

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Market survey of Remotely operated vehicles and decommissioning tools for the removal of monopile foundations in the offshore wind industry

08 April 2021

The objective of this paper was to provide a market survey of existing ROVs of various types, available ROV tools and other existing tools, which can…

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Highlights of the Mid-term conference February 2021

23 February 2021

Below you can find all relevant material generated from the Mid-term conference from the DecomTools project, 2021.

You will find the link to the …

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Status overview Report: Decom offshore wind farms, recycling, reusing and selling of components/materials

12 January 2021

A new status overview report from the Interreg North Sea project Decom Tools highlights the aspect of decommissioning of the components and material…

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