Most wind turbines are designed and certified for a 20–25 year service life. After this period, they have to be decommissioned or the accredited operational lifetime has to be extended, often accompanied by repowering.

While processes for decommissioning/repowering onshore wind parks are well known, the experience with offshore ones is limited. This project shall close this gap by devising and developing ecoinnovative concepts.

Latest Project News

Status overview Report: Decom offshore wind farms, recycling, reusing and selling of components/materials

12 January 2021

A new status overview report from the Interreg North Sea project Decom Tools highlights the aspect of decommissioning of the components and material…

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Decommission Decision Support System

18 December 2020

In this version, the user can select one of the 6 available wind turbine removal and one of the 4 available foundation removal scenarios.  It include…

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Requirements and technology for Offshore Decommissioning Logistics

16 December 2020

A report “Pre-Decommissioning Marine Operations of Offshore Wind Parks" has been issued. The conclusion of the study is that in the Pre-decommissionin…

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Energy transition: where is long-term thinking in offshore wind energy?

22 September 2020

Offshore wind energy with a focus on the North Sea region and its dominant countries is developing to the disadvantage of Germany. In addition, Asia i…

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Bending Wind Turbine Blades Circular

11 September 2020

Wind turbine blade waste is becoming an increasing problem as the first generation of turbines is now being decommissioned and the blades are ending u…

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