Most wind turbines are designed and certified for a 20–25 year service life. After this period, they have to be decommissioned or the accredited operational lifetime has to be extended, often accompanied by repowering.

While processes for decommissioning/repowering onshore wind parks are well known, the experience with offshore ones is limited. This project shall close this gap by devising and developing ecoinnovative concepts.

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27 October 2022

Like any large operation, decommissioning requires clear and strong regulations.

This gap analysis focus on international and national regulations …

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Cost and Emission Analyses of Decommissioning of Offshore Wind Farms Using Reverse Installation Method

17 May 2022

A holistic assessment of OWF decommissioning projects requires comprehensive cost and environmental impact analyses to facilitate the decision-making…

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Requirements for infrastructure and qualification

05 April 2022

Climate change and transition away from fossil fuels is one of the major challenges of our generation. The demand for wind energy rises meaning that …

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Cost Modelling for Offshore Wind Farm decommissioning

03 February 2022

This report aims to review the current practice in OWF installations and discuss the possible decommissioning scenarios. The available experience and…

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Dragons Den and B2Matchmaking on Recycling of Wind Blades

11 October 2021

Tuesday 6 July OWIC had, together with the Decom Tools project partners and New Energy Coalition, organized the event 'Recycling of wind blades' in E…

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