VZW Dranoeter (BE)

Partner Information

VZW Dranoeter has a 44 year tradition of using culture and local heritage as a lever for economic activities in its own (rural) areas. As such we can contribute with experience related to the subject of research within the CUPIDO project. We have developed a broad range of activities over the years and can share experience (success and losses) that we gathered over the years. We have always worked on the borderline between business, culture and tourism.


Role in CUPIDO

Our role will be on several levels. We will have an equal role as other partners in contributing to the exchange of experience and the platforms of communication that will be set up in the project. On a local level we will be streamlining with the activities from the other regional partner Municipality Heuvelland and will take advantage of research support from HOWEST. Within the project we will be mostly active within wp 4 & 5.


Website: www.festivaldranouter.be