University of Applied Sciences HOWEST (BE)

Partner Information

The university has been stimulating entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial spirit, due to working for many years with students, teachers as well as researchers. Howest has therefore gained a vast knowledge in developing and supporting businesses in different sectors and fields of expertise. Within our research department we have the knowledge and skills to gather all sorts of data and to develop new strategies and tools that can create an impact on an economic level.

Role in CUPIDO

In WP 3 a joint survey is set up on what needs and opportunities local people recognise and perceive within the context of culture/cultural heritage and even an analysis of the economic impact of cultural businesses is planned for. The knowledge partners will provide the outlines. In WP 5 new possibilities will be explored based upon research. A MOOC tool on how to start and run a business will be combined with one-on-one support to start-ups, carried out by the university.