Sunne Municipality (SE)

Partner Information

Sunne is a cultural hub with its regional Västanå Teater, culture heritage foundation of Selma Lagerlöf, garden & sculpture park Rottneros and its experimental museum Alma Löv. Sunne is a wintersport resort for nordic and down hill skiing and in summer good for forest excursions, walking, mountain biking, fishing and swimming. A culture summer week gathers famous artist and authors for seminars and events. Students from the graphical vocational school are drivers in culture activities.

Role in CUPIDO

The municipality will use local forces to take a next step, attracting the younger generations in general but also immigrants broadening their knowledge of the Swedish culture traditions. Students from the graphical vocational highschool could play a role in local activities and also get new international contacts. Sunne aims at creating new SME:s in the sector or culture and tourism that are owned by young entrpreneurs.