Rottneros Park Trädgård AB (SE)

Partner Information

Rottneros Park, from early 1900, is now long-term leased by a semi-public company, owned by Sunne municipality. The sculpture park - with a large area for flowers and trees covers 22 hectares - is open in summertime and has up to 40000 visitors. It is an experimental arena in a traditional environment for gardening, art and craft. Activities: annual flower exhibitions/ fairs, guided excursions with focus on sculpture & artists, special fairs about wildlife, hunting, food, craft or vintage cars.

Role in CUPIDO

Rottneros wants to learn from the international partnership how to renew in order to attract and inspire (younger) vistors, how to use modern techniques and how to extend the season.The offer is to turn the park into a test bed for new ideas that in a joint process will grow. Local culture institutions already like to cooperate to create a steady culture cluster in which local institutions work. A longer season for example gives a more stable employment possibilities for local culture workers.